Hard Brexit would disrupt production at Toyota

A ‘hard Brexit’ could likely cause car manufacturer Toyota to temporarily close its UK production site at Burnaston, said Marvin Cooke, managing director of the plant, when speaking to the BBC on 29 September. Over …

Chris Tyas


Chris Tyas, Nestlé: “Soon we can expect more CEOs to come from supply chain”

Supply Chain Management is dead, according to a recent report by Harvard Business Review. But before everyone starts polishing up his or her CV, it’s anything but, retorts Chris Tyas, Senior Vice President Supply Chain, …



Coca-Cola to acquire Costa Coffee

Coca-Cola is buying the British-owned Costa Coffee chain from Whitbread, the UK’s leading hotel, restaurant and coffee shop operator, for a sum of GBP3.9 billion (approx. €4.4 billion). The acquisition will be a significant extension …



Lenovo launches complete end-to-end IT security solution to keep companies safer

Against the backdrop of an ever-increasing number of data breaches, with a record-breaking 2.6 billion incidences last year according to the latest research, companies need secure devices that protect sensitive data and guard against online …



The promise of blockchain

Blockchain holds great promise. It is predicted to result in faster, more transparent and more efficient supply chains that are possibly fairer and more sustainable too, so it’s not surprising that everyone is talking about …



Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: DCbrain

DCbrain is a publisher of network optimization software for complex networks (including gas, water, electricity and heat as well as logistics) based on big data and artificial intelligence (AI). The team is headed up by …



DSV acquires S&H to boost its multi-channel e-fulfilment capabilities

International third-party logistics service provider DSV A/S signed and closed a deal to acquired 100% of the shares in multi-channel fulfilment specialist S&H, on 4 September 2018. Based in the Netherlands and employing approximately 120 people …

Working Wisdom


Working Wisdom: quote about innovation and technology

“If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.” Jack Welch (born John Francis ‘Jack’ Welch Jr. in Massachusetts on 19 November 1935) is a …

DSV Solutions


Trend vision DSV: ‘Smart marketing campaigns and 3D printing help to reduce working capital’

Long payment terms are an ongoing issue in the supply chain and third-party logistics world according to Meinderdjan Botman, Chief Commercial Officer of DSV Solutions. Until supply chain finance is fully embraced and rolled out, credit periods will continue to be …



Trend vision Transwide: ‘Saving costs by digitalizing’

A leading global player in the chemical industry wanted to achieve full supply chain visibility as well as automating the workflow. Besides that, the company was keen to improve the performance of the entire transport chain. Fabrice Maquignon, CEO of Transwide …

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