Whitepaper S&OP: from Strategy to Execution

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Whitepaper Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP): from strategy to execution

Chris Columbus and his roadmap to operational excellence. Turning your strategy into operational excellence may well mean sailing into uncharted waters. So to explain it, let’s use an example of someone who’s done just that, Christopher …


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IBP gets top priority at FrieslandCampina

What does Integrated Business Planning (IBP) add for a company that has already implemented Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)? That was the main topic at the IBP conference organized by consultancy firm Involvation. Presentations and …

innovation award

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Innovation award for linking generative AI with WMS

Logistics Reply has received an innovation award for developing a chatbot for warehouse management systems (WMS). The chatbot, named LEApedia, uses generative AI, allowing users to communicate with the WMS in plain human language. A …

control over transport

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Cargo owners want more control over transport

For supply chain resilience, you need more control over transport. An end-to-end transport management system (TMS) contributes to this, according to three TMS suppliers during Webinar Wednesday. Such a system starts with optimization of the …


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‘Management is lagging in optimizing the use of data’

Companies are missing out on transformation opportunities due to a combination of outdated technology platforms and a lack of understanding of the essential role of the composability of software applications in unlocking business data at …

Checklist for supply chain command centre

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Checklist for supply chain command centre

According to Gartner, decisions have become 65% more complex since 2020. Executives spend nearly 40% of their time making decisions – and they believe most of that time is poorly used. Analyst firm IDC noted …

Checklist for denied party screening

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Checklist for denied party screening

Successfully implementing a screening tool helps reduce the risk of fines, minimize audits, fosters sustainable practices, and stay compliant. However, the ROI of sanctions compliance itself is a challenge to measure, as there isn’t always …

real-time transport visibility

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Entire supply chain benefits from real-time transport visibility

Real-time transport visibility is about much more than just providing insight into the current positions of trucks and container ships. This was demonstrated during Supply Chain Media’s Webinar Wednesday, where six real-time transport visibility software …


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Level five in S&OP is few and far between

Most companies starting with sales & operations planning (S&OP) get stuck at the third level out of a total of five. That is not a bad thing at all, said Sandeep Walia and Mike Donnely …


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Improved purchase order visibility gives Jabil more grip on disruptions

How can you create supply chain resilience when you have more than 27,000 suppliers? Contract manufacturer Jabil was looking for a way to automate communication with all its suppliers – even those it only uses …

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