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Mitsubishi makes supply chain interoperable

Mitsubishi Motors Europe (MME) has implemented Vinturas’ interoperable network solution for the launches of the New Generation ASX and the completely redesigned Colt. The integration of this supply chain technology further streamlines logistics through data …

machine learning

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Machine learning supports quality control in manufacturing

ML6 has introduced a hybrid machine learning solution for optimizing quality control in manufacturing processes. This solution combines a standardized approach with customization. According to the Belgian scale-up, which is specialized in artificial intelligence and …

sustainable IT strategy

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Most Benelux businesses lack a sustainable IT strategy

Only 37% of businesses in the Benelux region have a sustainable IT strategy, according to recent research by Paessler AG. The survey of 1,051 IT managers across a hundred countries also revealed that 60% of …

Co-creation is a key reason for choosing start-ups

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Co-creation is a key reason for choosing start-ups

Why do some businesses prefer to work with a supply chain start-up rather than an established software vendor? Consultant Peter Schram had posed that question to several companies, and shared his findings during a recent …

Recording webinar

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Recording webinar ‘How to create a resilient & AI-ready IT portfolio for supply chain’

Companies are still facing many supply chain disruptions and ongoing bullwhips. The need for resilience is very high. Rapid advancements in supply chain software with artificial intelligence and the sudden emergence of ChatGPT could offer …

Descartes large-DES_0414_TM_Benchmark_eBook_mockup

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Whitepaper Global Transportation Management Benchmark Survey 2023

Discover the transportation management strategies, tactics and technology that top performers are leveraging to capitalize on market opportunities and adapt to challenges of a constantly evolving supply chain landscape. About the survey Since 2017, Descartes has conducted …

Descartes afbeelding whitepaper TMS

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Whitepaper: The 4 key points to take full advantage of a TMS

A transport management system (TMS) is the best way to keep a grip on your logistics supply chain. The software provides insight into transport flows, expected arrival times, transport performance and logistics costs. More comprehensive …

Visual - SCM IT Subway Map Europe 2023 square

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IT Subway Map Europe 2023: Supply chain software boosted by AI and CO2

The rising European demand for supply chain software is being driven by rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, including the sudden emergence of ChatGPT, as well as legal obligations to reduce carbon emissions. Ongoing demand volatility …

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Whitepaper: Transition to a more sustainable supply chain

From January 1st, 2024, large companies in Europe must report transport emissions, including companies that outsource transport. Companies must report on CO2, CH4, and N2O emissions, from Scope 1 to Scope 3 emissions, upstream and …


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Supply chain scale-up in the spotlight: Moos

The founders of the Dutch company called Moos Solutions set out to improve logistics and inventory management by filling the digital information gap in the place where the products are actually located: on the shelves. …

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