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Whitepaper: Transition to a more sustainable supply chain

From January 1st, 2024, large companies in Europe must report transport emissions, including companies that outsource transport. Companies must report on CO2, CH4, and N2O emissions, from Scope 1 to Scope 3 emissions, upstream and …


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Supply chain scale-up in the spotlight: Moos

The founders of the Dutch company called Moos Solutions set out to improve logistics and inventory management by filling the digital information gap in the place where the products are actually located: on the shelves. …


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The key to success lies in operations

In the space of one week, Amazon and Microsoft announced layoffs affecting 20,000 people. This sent shockwaves in Seattle, a city that has been living in a tech bubble for the past decade or so. …

Consulting Subway Map 2023

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Consulting Subway Map 2023: Thriving in a VUCA world

Just as in 2021, most European consulting firms did very well last year, with over 80% generating more profit in 2022 than in the previous year. When 29 consulting firms were asked what types of …


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Limited use of technology for ESG reporting

Executives at companies Europe-wide are searching for the best way to implement ESG reporting within their operations. Yet according to a recent survey across several European countries, considerably less than half of all companies use …

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Software selection requires a race plan

Thou shalt... select planning software in line with thy future In a go-getting organization in which both planning and sport form part of its DNA, the one-liners and slogans regularly fly around your ears. One such …

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Supply chain community seeks new tools

Supply chain disruption causes doubts and despair within companies. Many existing planning systems fall short in factoring in unpredictability and uncertainty. Therefore, more and more supply chain professionals are keen to find supply chain software …


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Mithra-Ai’s cognitive spend intelligence platform enters proof-of-concept phase

Dutch tech start-up Mithra-Ai Solutions aims to transform the strategic procurement function across multiple industries. By optimizing direct and indirect spend, its technology can help procurement teams to save millions. The start-up has recently secured a …

goat trail

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Request For Problems (RFP)

As a company involved in supply chain, how do you find the right software vendor to support your necessary digitalization? That’s a question that comes up again and again during the many conversations I have …


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IFM provides pragmatic S&OP solution for SAP users

Many large companies use SAP ERP software to support their business processes. SAP service provider GIB, which recently rebranded as IFM, has built an add-on especially for these companies. During Supply Chain Media’s S&OP Selection …

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