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Diversity drives innovation

Few companies nowadays would deny that innovation is crucial to their long-term survival, but innovation doesn’t just happen by itself – as Lego knows from its own bitter experience. Fons Trompenaars, keynote speaker at inNOWvate: …


inNOWvate, Trends

Luckabox wins the first European Supply Chain Start-up Contest

The Swiss start-up Luckabox was chosen as winner of the first-ever European Supply Chain Start-up Contest on 24 May 2018. The competition for European start-ups is organized by Supply Chain Media, publisher of the Dutch …

inNOWvate Supply Chain Event

inNOWvate, Trends

Supply chain professionals searching for innovation at inNOWvate event

What are the latest innovations in the field of supply chain management? And how can these innovations be applied in practice? Find the answers to these – and other – questions at the first-ever edition …


inNOWvate, Trends

10 Companies through to Second Round of European Supply Chain Start-up Contest

Out of the 26 entries from across the continent for the first-ever edition of the European Supply Chain Start-up Contest, ten companies have now been selected to progress through to the second round. This means …

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