Recording & slide deck Sami Salminen, Chainalytics | inNOWvate Supply Chain Event 2023

Recording & slide deck Sami Salminen, Chainalytics | inNOWvate Supply Chain Event 2023

AI/Machine Learning has been in the hype curve for some time now. In the larger population, outside of Supply Chain Management, novel use cases like generative AI/ML solutions ChatGPT for text and Midjourney for visuals have truly rocketed ML to daily discussions and media cycles, both in personal tiktoks and in professional life.

Either of them is not very practical in SCM, but behind the hype scene, Machine Learning has become almost a must-have or at least something to always consider when doing Supply Chain Planning or any prediction-oriented supply chain analytics process. It could be as simple as predicting if this CRM opportunity will convert into an order (and thus I need to prepare materials and capacity for it), or it’s likely this delivery will be late and I need to react now and in longer term I need to have higher safety stock, or more complex cases like promotion forecasting or using unsupervised machine learning for pricing/costing planning. With modern tools, ML has become a “business analyst” tool similar to Excel, it is not a domain of IT or PhD data scientists anymore. Chainalytics can provide continuous Machine Learning-as-a-Service, one-time Studies and general consulting around AI/ML with a wide variety of proven use cases.

Top-5 cases Chainalytics has delivered are:

  1. Will this CRM opportunity convert into an order? (binary classification)
  2. Where do I need to have my rescue department resources located at any time (traditional statistics together with predictive ML models to understand the features driving house burns)
  3. What is the sales lift for this promotion next fall? (regression)
  4. Is this quality okay, are there scratches we should identify and stop from sending to customers? (multi classification)
  5. What should be today’s pricing in this convenience store in this location for this new never-sold-before chocolate bar (unsupervised clustering)

Download the co-created checklist for network design and the checklist for Transport Contracting of Chainalytics for free on Supply Chain Movement.

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Download: Slide deck inNOWvate Supply Chain Event 2023 – Chainalytics (May 11, 2023)