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Goat trail

How can we recruit and retain supply chain talent? This question resonates with many supply chain managers, especially as the number of job openings in supply chain positions remains unchanged. In the past three years, …

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Supply chain influencers

In 2022, influencers dominated consumer product marketing on social media. Emerging seemingly out of nowhere, they promoted products on Instagram and other social media channels and turned them into unexpected successes. Nowadays, established brands make …

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Request For Problems (RFP)

As a company involved in supply chain, how do you find the right software vendor to support your necessary digitalization? That’s a question that comes up again and again during the many conversations I have …

Dan Mitchell

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Whitepaper: Build supply chain agility through digitization

No one in any industry or the culture at large would deny that the world is highly connected. Everything from smartphone apps and social media algorithms to artificial intelligence and machine learning is simply part …

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Hairpin bend

The path to supply chain maturity is a steep climb along an unpaved road that is littered with potholes and has sudden, hazardous bends. The coronavirus pandemic and the associated lockdowns created shortages of parts …

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Supply chain ecosystems

The world is being plagued by exceptional droughts and heavy, very localized, flooding. According to the European Drought Observatory, Europe is drier than it has ever been in the past 500 years. The climate is …

supply Chain Network Design to Reduce Emissions

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Model sustainability trade-offs in Supply Chain Network Design to reduce emissions

Amid a tumultuous period, supply chains are even more under scrutiny following the global climate change conference in Glasgow. The outcome set the stage for a global emissions trading scheme. This agreement also puts CO2 …



Inventory: the power and powerlessness of the CFO

These are uncertain times, with inflation and the war in Ukraine holding back economic growth. For many CFOs, the question is no longer whether there will be a recession, but when it will hit and …

new pro-active supply chain risk management

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Calling for a new pro-active supply chain risk management

In the face of today’s highly disruptive external environment, companies need to leave traditional and ineffective approaches to risk management behind and move towards a new pro-active approach. Stop chasing events and become risk-aware! By Iris …

scrum or waterfall

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Scrum or waterfall: what’s best for your organization?

Digital planning is high on the agenda for many IT and supply chain directors. They often ask themselves ‘What’s the next step?’, ‘Which tooling should we use?’ and ‘How should we tackle the implementation?’ – …

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