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Most popular items on Supply Chain Movement – first 6 months 2017

In Case You Missed It. A recap of the most popular articles on in 2017 so far. By far the most read article on Supply Chain Movement is Carlos Cordon's blog: Supply Chain 4.0: Adidas …


The state of S&OP according to 7 thought leaders

S&OP continuous to be a popular topic that remains high on the agenda of executives. To assess the current state of S&OP, I interviewed 7 S&OP thought leaders at the end of 2016 for my …


Learn from the Vikings

When the phone rings at my company Plus 7, it’s usually for one of two reasons: either the caller wants to establish a business venture with a Chinese partner and has no idea how or …

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Patrick Dittli: “Supply Chain in many cases mediator in challenges”

Global wholesaler Metro/Makro Cash & Carry launched In october 2015 a new operating model, appointed an operating board and embarked on a new strategy: Its global headquarters in Germany largely decentralised operations and gave a …


The DNA of S&OP software

I often get asked ‘Which software should my company use for sales & operations planning (S&OP) and integrated business planning (IBP)?’ Les Brookes, CEO of consultancy firm Oliver Wight EAME (who came up with S&OP …


Checklist IBP: Delivering tangible business results

11 questions about IBP The ultimate objective of Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is to deliver tangible business results – things like increased revenues and margins, and greater market share. For many organizations, however, the initial motivation …


MRP does more harm than good

After years of oscillating between shortfalls and surpluses and the necessary chaos and frustration that entailed, calm has recently returned for one of my clients and his supplier. How come? They simply turned off their …


Machine builders become reliable, fast and efficient

Machine manufacturers suffering from high costs and long unreliable lead times can make huge gains in terms of competitive edge if they manage to resolve the so-called ‘service paradox’: from relatively slow, unreliable and inefficient to reliable, fast and efficient. By …


Oil tanker versus speedboat

In today’s rapidly digitalizing world, companies can be divided into two categories based on their speed and agility. On the one hand we have the traditional firms and large multinationals that, just like oil tankers, …


Agile vs. death-by-committee: What Spotify and Hilti are doing right

The writing is on the wall: if you want to innovate in the digital world, you must be agile. Four of the top five companies by market cap  - Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet and Amazon - …

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