Pricing bullwhip

The recent sharp rise in inflation would only be temporary, according to economists, but supply chain professionals know better. The container shortage plus lack of shipping capacity has caused freight transport prices to skyrocket worldwide. …


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A successful S&OP ‘marriage’ depends on more than just functionality

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is a tough nut to crack, according to renowned American analyst Lora Cecere of Supply Chain Insights. Recent research reveals disappointing results: only half of all S&OP projects recoup the …


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Skills shortage

According to regular reports in the general media and financial press, the Dutch labour market is in a tight squeeze. The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the labour market worldwide, and the Netherlands has not remained …

Dominic Regan blog webinar

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Orchestrating transportation with data

Logistics in modern companies not only supports corporate strategy, it enables it. And to meet today’s logistics challenges of the three C’s – customer service, carbon, and cost, these companies are looking to harness data. …



System dynamics

In view of the current global chaos in supply chains, what knobs are still left for companies to ‘twiddle’ right now? In the United Kingdom, there are reports of empty retail shelves and long queues …

supply chain

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Supply chains aren’t broken, it’s more a question of demand

Mainstream news reports are full of claims that supply chains are broken, citing widespread product shortages, overflowing ports and spiking freight costs. But perhaps there is another way to understand what is happening: supply chains …

green inertia

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Green inertia

With numerous wildfires raging around the world while other areas are hit by extreme flooding, few people can now doubt that sustainability is a top priority. A recent survey by the renowned MIT Center for …


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No, AI has not killed Supply Chain Management

Almost three years ago, Harvard Business Review published a provocative article entitled ‘The Death of Supply Chain Management’. It became as viral as an article on Supply Chain Management can be, circulating widely on Twitter and LinkedIn. The …



The supply chain director in 2040

How will the supply chain director’s job profile change over the next 25 years? That’s what Omera Khan from the University of London asked me in a recent interview for a white paper. My reply: …


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T-shaped towers

As far as forward-thinking companies are concerned, control towers are passé in 2021. There has been considerable confusion about the term ‘control tower’ in recent years. Does it refer to the global central procurement of …

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