Coronavirus communication

For companies involved in supply chain, these are very hectic times due to the coronavirus pandemic currently sweeping the globe. In preparation for our European survey on the business impact of COVID-19, I called a …


High-scoring talent

In today’s rapidly changing world, companies should no longer focus on their employees’ weaknesses. Striving to be an all-rounder – just good enough in all areas – belongs to the previous decade’s era of continuous …

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The coronavirus pandemic is the Transition Point

The current coronavirus pandemic is set to change many of our existing paradigms, both socially, economically and technologically, and will end up completely defining the 2020's. Many countries have just introduced state-supported living on a …


The coronavirus supply chain

The media coverage of supply chain has increased exponentially as a result of the coronavirus epidemic in China, South Korea and Italy. All companies that produce and ship tangible goods are currently working hard to …


Supply chain in control with coronavirus

Slowly but surely, everyone is realizing that supplies from China are stagnating as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Containers are stuck at the ports in Hong Kong and Shanghai. And factories have temporarily shut …

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Turning supply chain events into an experience

We’re living in the ‘Experience Economy’ nowadays. Shops can only survive if they offer an experience; consumers go online if all they want is convenience. For example, Siemens has opened a ‘house of inspiration’ in …


Ten years of transformation

During conferences or interviews, chief executives can regularly be heard to say that their company is currently undergoing a digital transformation. But what kind of transformation do they actually mean? Are they talking about an …


Machine learning lessons

Nowadays, it’s as if every article about digitalization is casually peppered with the terms ‘artificial intelligence’ and ‘machine learning’. They are almost always used together and without any extra explanation. I’ve recently spent some time …


Brexit bottleneck

Even though the Brexit has failed to materialize yet again, it is already starting to have a negative effect on the UK and Dutch economies and their supply chains. Stockpiling by British companies and consumers …


Has digitalization made cultural intelligence obsolete?

Nowadays, we all have a wide range of what I like to call ‘digital assistants’ at our fingertips, such as apps, quick Google look-ups or chat windows that can connect us to the other side …

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