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Whitepaper: Transition to a more sustainable supply chain

From January 1st, 2024, large companies in Europe must report transport emissions, including companies that outsource transport. Companies must report on CO2, CH4, and N2O emissions, from Scope 1 to Scope 3 emissions, upstream and …

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Whitepaper: Boost your performance with demand planning

Sales forecasts (or demand planning) is a strategic element for companies facing stocks or replenishments issues. A sales forecasting process is a combination of different steps in order to define what will be the demand …

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Whitepaper: 14 Case Studies to discover a simple and innovative S&OP solution on the cloud

To be able to work with reliable daily, weekly or monthly demand plans, supply chain teams need operational demand planning processes that accurately estimate future sales. However, they need a good understanding of how sales …

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Whitepaper: Build supply chain agility through digitization

No one in any industry or the culture at large would deny that the world is highly connected. Everything from smartphone apps and social media algorithms to artificial intelligence and machine learning is simply part …

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Whitepaper: The 4 key points to take full advantage of a TMS

A transport management system (TMS) is the best way to keep a grip on your logistics supply chain. The software provides insight into transport flows, expected arrival times, transport performance and logistics costs. More comprehensive …

Whitepaper Risk-aware supply chain decision-making

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Whitepaper Risk-aware supply chain decision-making

The new highly disruptive external environment requires re-thinking how we design and manage supply chains. Especially now it is critical to avoid the traps of traditional supply chain risk management approaches and take a new …

Whitepaper: Global Transportation Management Benchmark Survey 2022

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Whitepaper Global Transportation Management Benchmark Survey 2022

Discover the transportation management strategies, tactics and technology that top performers are leveraging to capitalise on market opportunities and adapt to challenges of a constantly evolving supply chain landscape. About the survey Since 2017, Descartes has conducted …

Whitepaper: Carbon emission visibility

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Whitepaper: Carbon emission visibility can drive sustainable supply chains

For years, companies across industries have focused on reducing costs and improving performance. Words like overhead, throughput, productivity and downtime can be seen in most company reports, and managers have traditionally been rewarded based on …

Whitepaper S&OP: from Strategy to Execution

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Whitepaper Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP): from strategy to execution

Chris Columbus and his roadmap to operational excellence. Turning your strategy into operational excellence may well mean sailing into uncharted waters. So to explain it, let’s use an example of someone who’s done just that, Christopher …

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Report: Global Manufacturing Prospects 2022

KPMG International has polled CEOs of large manufacturers to find out what is top of mind as they prepare for the challenges of 2022. The result is a report that covers the opinions of chief executives …

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