Visual Ecosystem for household products

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Ecosystem for household products

Due to numerous disruptions and rapidly changing needs, the market has evolved from traditional, largely stable linear supply chains into dynamic global supply chain ecosystems. During the pandemic, the market for household products experienced new …

SCM Map Europe, Visuals

SCM Map Europe 2018/2019

Brexit, China and USA impact on supply chains in Europe. The SCM map of Europe visualizes the most important economic developments for supply chains. Uncertainty and lack of clarity on Brexit are dictating the mood …

Key Boardroom Conversations of the Chief Supply Chain Officer in 2018

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Key Boardroom Conversations for Supply Chain in 2018

It’s 2018; in mature companies, the board of directors includes a Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO). He – in spite of gender diversity efforts, the CSCO is still a man in most cases – reports …



Supply Chain Minute – Business and Soccer

The latest Supply Chain Minute is live. Soccer is all about strategy, tactics and positions. Just like business. The company structure is like a soccer team formation: • marketing, sales and customer service as the strikers, the forwards; …



Supply Chain Minute – Strategy Mindmapping

The second Supply Chain Minute is live, it's all about Strategy Mindmapping! 'The problem of just throwing strategic projects onto the workfloor is that there is no closed loop, just a distorted messaging through the company …


General management underestimates the strategic value of logistics

Based on a three-year study and data from 450 senior supply chain professionals, and in partnership with Nyenrode Business Universiteit, Districon and DSV, Supply Chain Media has presented findings offering valuable insights into trends in …


A strategy compass for companies

Research by McKinsey in 2011 revealed that just 35 percent of companies have a successful strategy which enables them to beat the competition. And only 20 percent of companies explicitly interconnect their strategy, product portfolio …


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IT gap in logistics

Are logistics service providers really moving with the times when it comes to IT? I sometimes wonder. But the gaping void between what logistics service providers offer in terms of IT expertise and what clients …

Supply Chain Media and partners launch new strategy assessment tool


Supply Chain Media and partners launch new strategy assessment tool

  Supply Chain Media and partners launch new strategy assessment tool  Supply Chain Media, Districon, DSV and Nyenrode Business University have developed a new strategy assessment tool: Supply Chain Satellite. A group of logistics professionals and academics have …

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