Supply Chain Minute – Business and Soccer


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Soccer is all about strategy, tactics and positions. Just like business.
The company structure is like a soccer team formation:
• marketing, sales and customer service as the strikers, the forwards; closest to the customers and scoring most of the goals;
• logistics/operations, supply chain management and purchasing in midfield; organizing the game and fulfilling the commercial promise to the customer;
• IT and HR are left- and right-back positions in supporting roles to the business; R&D in centre of the defence initiates new business and finance is the sweeper or libero with a total overview of the game;
• the legal department is the goalkeeper, responsible for compliance and preventing company lawsuits.
The reserves sitting on the bench are the high potentials, eager to get in the game and so versatile to play any position.
The CEO is the coach at the sidelines who – ideally – has discussed the match tactics in detail with the team members in advance of the game.
The main questions are:
• Which players are playing the ball to who the most? And is that on purpose and trained?
• Which player is the slowest of the team, the weakest link, slowing down the business?
And finally, don’t mind the shareholders too much. Just focus on the game and score more goals.