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Eight-tier planning system for fashion company Stichd

Fashion company Stichd has an extremely complex planning process. To help the company get a grip on its multi-dimensional supply chain, Involvation set up an advanced planning system consisting of no fewer than eight planning …

S&OP decisions

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Garvis advocates more speed in S&OP decisions

There is currently so much variability and uncertainty in supply chains that traditional S&OP processes have become too slow, believes Piet Buyck, founder and CEO of software vendor Garvis. In this context, he advocated a …


Planning, S&OP Selection Day, Software, Trends

Denso uses Logility platform to anticipate supply chain disruptions

Japanese automotive parts supplier Denso turned to Logility to help it deal with the complexities of maintaining the right spare parts inventory. Thanks to Logility’s supply chain tool, the company now has a tighter grip …

S&OP Selection Day

Planning, S&OP Selection Day, Software, Trends

S&OP Selection Day debunks persistent myths

The fact that Sales & Operations Planning, or S&OP for short, is more popular than ever was underlined during Supply Chain Media’s S&OP Selection Day which took place in November. The venue in Utrecht was …


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Visualize ecosystems to gain better insight into bottlenecks

Many companies are still struggling with the unforeseen consequences of the coronavirus crisis and the war in Ukraine. During the SCM Talkshow held on 13 October, host Martijn Lofvers urged them to visualize their ecosystems …


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Webinar recording ‘Managing trade-offs in strategic supply chain decision making’

As a supply chain leader, how do you manage your stakeholders when facing conflicting KPIs? Sustaining revenue growth often requires making the supply chain more efficient. But how can you make sure that an improvement in …


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Wonderland successfully links inventory and container planning

In these turbulent times, how can you get a better grip on your inventory and container planning? That’s one of the issues Taiwanese company Wonderland struggled with after introducing its own brands of pushchairs and …

Jonathon Karelse

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Jonathon Karelse: ”Why do we forecast the way we do?”

From the Oracle of Delphi right through to Box/Jenkins and from exponential smoothing to S&OP, no stone of business forecasting history is left unturned in the book called Histories of the Future, published by the …


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Belgian scale-up helps JDE to take pioneering step in digital planning

Many companies are starting to enter a new phase in digital planning by applying machine learning. One of them is international coffee and tea manufacturer JacobsDouweEgberts (JDE). With its existing SAP APO tool due to …


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Recording webinar ‘Baby gear maker teaches a lesson in how to handle growth amid disruption’

Rapid growth comes naturally to toddlers but can pose a challenge for their favorite equipment maker. With thousands of SKUs across eighty markets, one vertically integrated global baby gear manufacturer has learned how to manage a …

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