scenario planning

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Disruptions prompt renewed focus on scenario planning

Supply chain professionals have a renewed focus on scenario planning in response to the currently changing business landscape. This is according to new data from Board International, provider of intelligent planning technology. According to the …


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Heineken innovates with central planning tools

Heineken is mainly decentralized, but at the corporate level, there is a growing need for supply chain planning at the central level. The world’s second-largest brewer uses AIMMS’ software platform for this purpose. During Webinar …


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Recording webinar ‘Prioritise waste reduction for sustainability and strategic advantages’

In this insightful webinar we delve into the critical issue of waste within the supply chain. In this session, we'll explore the significant environmental, financial, and opportunity costs associated with waste, shedding light on how …

Whitepaper S&OP: from Strategy to Execution

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Whitepaper Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP): from strategy to execution

Chris Columbus and his roadmap to operational excellence. Turning your strategy into operational excellence may well mean sailing into uncharted waters. So to explain it, let’s use an example of someone who’s done just that, Christopher …


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Recording webinar ‘The HEINEKEN journey of Supply Chain Design & Optimization’

HEINEKEN utilizes AIMMS for modeling supply chain planning and optimization applications, from strategic to operational level. This includes brewery capacity, network design, MRP, supply & demand planning and many other applications. In this webinar HEINEKEN discusses …


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Quantics focuses on large manufacturing companies with erratic demand patterns

The young Austrian company Quantics, which specializes in forecasting and planning, sets the bar high for itself. It targets large companies with numerous departments and erratic demand patterns. “I have found that we do best …


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ASML pilots AI for supply chain resilience

A pilot at Dutch high-tech company ASML showed that an AI machine trained based on Deep Reinforcement Learning makes smarter supply chain decisions than traditional planning methods. The challenge now is to make the suggestions …


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Beyond the hype cycle: GenAI use cases in supply chain planning

The rapid recent advancement of GenAI is captivating the imagination of supply chain professionals, but a noticeable gap remains: while consumers have quickly adopted these technologies, businesses are lagging behind. Why is this? By Ralf W. …


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Increasing risks require new S&OP competences

Many companies started with Sales & Operations Planning in the pre-COVID era. But how can you do S&OP now that uncertainty and unpredictability have increased so dramatically? During a Webinar Wednesday, Involvation explained which five …

real-time transport visibility

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Entire supply chain benefits from real-time transport visibility

Real-time transport visibility is about much more than just providing insight into the current positions of trucks and container ships. This was demonstrated during Supply Chain Media’s Webinar Wednesday, where six real-time transport visibility software …

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