inventory leakage


Inventory leakage causes significant retail losses

As much as 2.1% of all inventory fails to make it onto store shelves intact. One major cause of this are the numerous errors made during the delivery, receipt, picking and loading of goods. The …


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Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: Atoptima

French start-up Atoptima designs and develops cutting-edge cloud-based application solvers for all businesses requiring complex resource assignment optimization. Any companies dealing with resource assignment decisions rapidly face combinatorial explosion; there are so many possible solutions that …

logistics real estate sector


End to the jubilant mood in Dutch logistics real estate sector

The mood of jubilation in the Dutch logistics real estate sector has come to an end. After the high demand for warehouses during the pandemic years, the expected demand for logistics real estate in 2023 …


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Dutch bag brand Laauw secures American investment

The production of Dutch ‘slow fashion’ bag brand Laauw revolves around local craftsmanship, sustainability (vegetable-tanned leather), quality and supply chain transparency, and customers receive a lifetime warranty on all products. Founder Rob van Ravenstein’s commitment …



Mars has the best supply chain according to Dutch supermarkets

Confectionery manufacturer Mars has the best supply chain in the Netherlands, according to Dutch supermarket chains. As part of a survey by the Dutch grocery trade magazine Distrifood, EFMI Business School and research agency IRI, …

supply chain resilience

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A resilient supply chain requires action at every level

Creating a resilient supply chain is the key theme for 2023. During a recent webinar, Supply Chain Media discussed this topic with premium partners Chainalytics and Involvation. An important conclusion: those who want to make …

goat trail

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Goat trail

How can we recruit and retain supply chain talent? This question resonates with many supply chain managers, especially as the number of job openings in supply chain positions remains unchanged. In the past three years, …



Dachser acquires Müller Fresh Food Logistics

German logistics service provider Dachser is acquiring transport company Müller Fresh Food Logistics, based in the Dutch town of Holten. The acquisition includes not only the warehouses but also the extensive fleet of temperature-controlled trucks. …

software selection

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Software selection requires a race plan

Thou shalt... select planning software in line with thy future In a go-getting organization in which both planning and sport form part of its DNA, the one-liners and slogans regularly fly around your ears. One such …

software selection-Erik-Kriek

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Supply chain community seeks new tools

Supply chain disruption causes doubts and despair within companies. Many existing planning systems fall short in factoring in unpredictability and uncertainty. Therefore, more and more supply chain professionals are keen to find supply chain software …

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