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‘Cobots’ alongside order pickers in Dutch warehouse

Order pickers at a Ceva Logistics warehouse in the Netherlands have recently started working alongside a fleet of robots. The logistics service provider refers to them as ‘cobots’ to emphasize that the robots collaborate with …


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Road remains most theft-prone modality

When it comes to freight transport, road is associated with by far the highest risk of theft compared to all other modalities. A report published by TT Club, an international transport and logistics insurer, and …



Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: Flowlity

Flowlity was founded in Paris, France, in 2018, with the aim of building intelligent yet straightforward and low-cost supply chain software that delivered real results by streamlining material flows. The result is an inventory optimization …

drone delivery service


Unilever tests drone delivery service for ice cream

Unilever and Terra Drone Europe are collaborating to test a drone-based delivery service for ice cream. The service is currently only available to residents of New York, according to an announcement on the Terra Drone …



Subsidy for Smartys smart contracts simulation

Smartys, a start-up focused on smart contracts for use in logistics, construction and finance, has developed a smart contracts simulation application and presented the first, basic version at the end of January. It recently received …



Benchmark helps Fetim to improve productivity

Fetim Group, a company specialized in home improvement products, is using an Infor benchmark to optimize its processes and workflows. For this benchmark, Infor – a vendor of industry-specific cloud solutions – collected data from …



Greater potential of RFID technology in fashion

RFID technology is increasingly being used in the fashion industry, and in a growing number of ways, according to a scientific study by the University of Parma. The primary use for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in …

Maturity Matrix

Maturity Matrix, Trends

Maturity Matrix 2020: Supply chain start-ups are a popular investment

Investment in European supply chain start-ups is increasing at an explosive rate. Supply Chain Media’s study of 83 start-ups reveals that, between them, they have raised a phenomenal € 550 million in funding in the …

supply chain design


Cost no longer only priority in supply chain design

The shift in manufacturing from west to east has noticeably slowed. A production base in a low-wage country is no longer the be-all and end-all. Other factors have become more important in supply chain network …



Refresco receives recognition for optimization of European transport

Refresco, an independent bottler of water, soft drinks and juices, has been awarded the first-ever Lean & Green Star for its transport operations in its European business. The award is in recognition of the company’s …

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