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service paradox


Breaking the service paradox

Going on a family holiday entails a whole host of decisions. Some are made early on in the process, such as the period of time, destination and means of transport, and others much later, such …



Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: OnTruck

OnTruck is a cloud-based booking platform and mobile app that connects shippers and carriers. The company was founded by Íñigo Juantegui (pictured) in Madrid, Spain, in 2016. OnTruck envisions the future of short-haul road freight …

autonomous supply chains


The journey towards autonomous supply chains

The ever-better quality and availability of internal and external data is enabling companies to predict their future with increasing accuracy. In the next phase, those predictions will be used to support – and perhaps even …

SPG Prints


Network study reveals importance of Supply Chain at SPG Prints

To achieve greater supply chain visibility and explore opportunities for optimization, the company SPG Prints enlisted the help of logistics consultancy firm Groenewout, who created a model of the existing supply chain and analysed various …

3PL Summit

Events, Trends

3PL Summit: from employees forming a bottleneck to the digital value chain

The pace of change, the turbulence it is causing and the need for agile supply chains – all of these things became clear during the Eye For Transport (EFT) 3PL & Supply Chain Summit held from 30-31 …



Michelin to close factory in Scotland

The announcement by tyre manufacturer Michelin of its plans to close its factory in the Scottish city of Dundee, UK, has come as a very unwelcome surprise to employees and the wider local community. Workers …

Reinhard Pölzl - Amber Road

Partners, Trends

Trend vision Amber Road: ‘Managing trade disruptions to best advantage’

The regulations governing global trade change from day to day. On one hand more free trade agreements are coming into force while on the other duties and tariffs can rise unexpectedly. Exporting companies can’t change the policies made by politicians but …

purchasing process


Identifying savings in the purchasing process

Mercateo has developed a tool that breaks down the costs of the various types of purchasing processes and provides insight into currently untapped savings potential in indirect purchasing. By focusing on digitalization, the process cost …

theme parks


Demand-driven theme parks

Sometimes you hear about new ideas that are so logical that you ask yourself, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ Recently I heard about a new app that enables you to pay for your visit to …

Howard Saunders

Events, Trends

Howard Saunders: ‘The customer experience depends on people’

Retail as we know it is dead, if retail futurist Howard Saunders (pictured) is to be believed. We live in an era of change, and retailers will have to change too if they are to …

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