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Recording webinar ‘How to use scenario modelling to withstand the next supply chain crisis’

Continuous network analysis allows for timely adjustments of your supply chain, saving you big money. Constant disruptions, lack of skilled people, limited transportation options, shortage of materials – these are only a few of the supply …

European supply chain start-up contest 2021

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European Supply Chain Start-up Contest finalists are Garvis, Responsibly and Seedtrace

The supply chain start-ups Garvis, Responsibly and Seedtrace have been announced as the finalists in the European Supply Chain Start-up Contest, based on their business strategy and PowerPoint pitch of their innovative solution. In the …



Thousands of containers destined for Russia stuck in Rotterdam

Over 7,000 shipping containers bound for Russia are currently stuck at the Port of Rotterdam due to the European sanctions. They are taking up valuable space, and some of them have been there for several …



Amazon’s billion-dollar investment to boost innovation in supply chain technology

Amazon plans to invest US$1 billion (€920 million) in companies developing technologies in logistics, supply chain management and security. In doing so, the company also hopes to benefit from ideas that can aid its own …



Belgian and Dutch ports are putting blockchain into practice

As many as 95% of all blockchain pilots have been stopped, according to consulting firm Deloitte. “Our solution, which uses blockchain as the basis for the secure release of digital pick-up rights for containers, is …



Production is halted at Ferrero factory after salmonella outbreak

More than a hundred cases of salmonella have been linked to eating Ferrero’s Kinder Surprise and Schokobons, among other products, in a number of EU countries (France, Republic of Ireland and Belgium) and the United …

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Lockdowns in China create new disruption for computer manufacturers

Computer manufacturers such as Apple, Dell and Lenovo are experiencing significant disruption due to prolonged strict lockdowns in several Chinese cities. The problems are likely to result in considerable delivery delays for consumers. In order to …



Lidl sets up own company in response to container shipping problems

Lidl is establishing its own container shipping company to increase its logistical independence. The new company, called Tailwind Shipping Lines, will also enable the food discounter to sidestep the current problems in container shipping, which …

data-driven leadership


‘Data-driven leadership is not just within your own four walls’

In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, data is crucial to help supply chain professionals recognize, analyse and manage operational challenges, among other things. The availability and generation of data within companies is …

recording webinar

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Recording webinar ‘Mastering order fulfilment with decision intelligence’

The current economic climate has created a perfect storm of issues, combining a series of supply side disruptions and cost rises with an almost unprecedented level of demand volatility. Planning has become almost impossible, causing …

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