Frederic Brut


Frederic Brut, MSD: “Execution is key, I believe you need to act and think like a start-up”

Frederic Brut describes himself as a chameleon and an inclusive leader, adapting with speed and agility to a continuously changing world. “We live in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world where the only thing …

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Whitepaper: Transition to a more sustainable supply chain

From January 1st, 2024, large companies in Europe must report transport emissions, including companies that outsource transport. Companies must report on CO2, CH4, and N2O emissions, from Scope 1 to Scope 3 emissions, upstream and …

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Whitepaper: Boost your performance with demand planning

Sales forecasts (or demand planning) is a strategic element for companies facing stocks or replenishments issues. A sales forecasting process is a combination of different steps in order to define what will be the demand …

Recording webinar

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Recording webinar ‘Business and Supply Chain Transformation’

How do you apply a business and supply chain transformation? I will discuss this topic with Sean Culey, business transformation expert and author of ‘Transition Point: From Steam to the Singularity’. Since September Culey has …

Recording webinar

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Recording webinar ‘Stories of Leadership in Supply Chains’

While the increase in the frequency and severity of global disruptions are impacting supply chains, often leading to drastic financial losses for organizations, supply chains can adapt new strategies to build greater resilience. The growing …


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BDO: ‘Customers want service, not excuses’

Customers want service, not excuses for disruptions, cautions R.J. Romano, Global Supply Chain Executive & Consultant at US-based BDO Supply Chain Advisory. That’s why visibility technology is vital for manufacturers, he says. Companies that let difficult …


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Supply chain scale-up in the spotlight: Sweep

Sweep wants companies to see carbon not as a limitation, but rather as a creative force for innovation and positive growth. Therefore, it is helping customers to confront carbon to get their unique climate journey …


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BISCI: Joining forces for circularity

The fact that achieving a circular society is primarily a matter of joining forces was underlined during the event ‘Dare to be circular’. This event, organized by the Brightlands Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (BISCI) …

women in supply chain


Number of women in supply chain is growing, but painfully slowly

The importance of International Women’s Day became especially clear during a recent Webinar Wednesday, which revealed that the share of women in supply chain is growing, but only very slowly. Within today’s male-dominated workplaces, too …

Glenn Koepke


Glenn Koepke: ‘Global supply chains could be in for a major overhaul’

A year since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, supply chains in both countries are being adversely affected – especially in and around the war zone, where safe transport is the biggest concern for …

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