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start-up contest 2019

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22 start-ups to battle it out during inNOWvate

This year, 22 start-ups will be battling it out during the second European Supply Chain Start-up Contest. Participants in this prestigious competition have the opportunity to present themselves to supply chain professionals during the inNOWvate …

inNOWvate event

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Innovative supply chain solutions on inNOWvate

How can a company that wants to innovate choose between the large number of innovative supply chain software solutions? The two most important criteria continue to be the customer need – including the associated buying …

voice-directed picking


Voice-directed picking

Jointly developed by Hardis Group and Voiteq, the Reflex Voice solution enables the entire order-picking process to be controlled by voice. The pick-by-voice system is fully integrated and configurable in the Reflex WMS warehouse management …

supply chain knowledge


Supply chain knowledge holds the key to start-up success

Start-ups are making waves in the supply chain management world with their innovative and sometimes astonishing ideas. The biggest challenge is to gain traction for their ideas and find their first customer, even if only …

cargo crime


Tougher security measures advised as cargo crime losses reach 5-year high

At the end of 2018, the Transported Asset Protection Association announced a five-year high of cargo crime incidents, with losses worth €6.8 million in just 30 days. In the Netherlands alone, 46 thefts were reported …

customs platform


Digital customs platform simplifies Dutch exports to the United Kingdom

Brexit does not necessarily have to mean long and complex customs procedures for Dutch shippers and carriers with customers in the UK, according to AEB, Bongers Expedition and ChannelPorts. Their digital customs platform can simplify …



New initiatives to speed up sustainability in shipping

A number of initiatives within both inland shipping and maritime shipping are currently aimed at rapidly making this mode of transport more sustainable. For example, Heineken has recently launched the first inland shipping vessel to …


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Retail takes proactive approach to Internet of Things

More and more retailers are using new technologies to transform their businesses in order to remain relevant in today’s on-demand economy. The results of Zebra Technologies’ second Intelligent Enterprise Index show that retail organizations are …

Bumble Bee


Bumble Bee Foods uses blockchain to improve transparency of tuna production chain

North American food company Bumble Bee Foods is improving the transparency of the yellowfin-tuna production chain with the help of SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain. The company is using the SAP technology to give consumers greater …


Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: is a digital logistics platform using Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning to analyse supply chain needs, predict risks and aid in the decision-making process to avoid those risks. It offers an affordable …

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