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Ikea invoice settled using Ethereum blockchain

Ikea Iceland has been involved in a real-life commercial blockchain transaction. Icelandic retailer Nordic Store purchased goods from Ikea and settled an e-invoice using ‘programmable digital cash’ from Reykjavik-based fintech start-up Monerium. The transaction was …

circulair economy

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‘Circular economies to replace linear economies in next decade’

The circular economy will replace linear economies by 2029 as consumer and shareholder preferences shift towards sustainability, according to global research and advisory company Gartner. In order to remain competitive, chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) …

delivery times


Logistics sector feels under growing pressure to shorten delivery times

Shortening the delivery time is an ever-bigger challenge in the logistics sector, according to the annual Fleet Management Benchmarking Survey by Descartes, a vendor of on-demand SaaS solutions for logistics companies. While the top 3 challenges …

Meinderdjan Botman


Trend vision DSV: ‘Collaboration – including with competitors – is key to future success’

Consumer buying behaviour is changing and the market is restless. Why exactly? Which challenges does this pose for businesses? And where should we look to find solutions? Meinderdjan Botman, CCO of DSV Solutions, provides his …


Gustavo Burger, Kraft Heinz: “Supply chain is the support that makes the business successful”

“Supply chain is where the magic happens,” says Gustavo Burger, VP operations for Kraft Heinz, Europe, Middle East & Africa. His passion for serving and supporting the business is no illusion and he is a …

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Supply Chain Movement issue 34 – Digital & Green

Contents Supply Chain Movement 34 – 2019 Q3 Date of appearance: September 27th, 2019 6 | News & background When it comes to the digital transformation, where should a company start? Gartner's Mike Burkett examined that question as …



Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: Shiptify

Shiptify was ‘born in the warehouse’ in 2016, founded by professionals with years of operational experience at freight forwarders, transport suppliers and European logistics headquarters. The company aims to bring transport management into the digital …

André Vriens


Trend vision EyeOn: ‘The future starts here’

The world is less predictable than it used to be. There is less brand loyalty among consumers, and growing combinations of products, channels and customers are making companies' product portfolios ever-more complex. According to André …

scenario planning


PSA and LeasePlan utilize scenario planning for sustainability

Most people think that when something is finished, it’s over and done with. But according to Ben van den Burg, chair of the NEVI Nyenrode Congress that was held on 11 September, it is important …



Mustad’s customer-driven supply chain

Companies with a customer intimacy strategy make decisions based on customer demand. But when is the best time to make a particular type of decision? During a SCM Professionals Club workshop held by Mustad, the …

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