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Slow rate of digitization hinders strategic focus among procurement managers

More than half (51%) of procurement and supplier management processes have yet to be digitized. This is having a major impact on the ability of procurement teams to work on strategic tasks. According to a …

circular supply chains

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The key to building circular supply chains

A circular supply chain not only contributes to sustainability but also strengthens resilience. Many businesses are aware of the benefits, but struggle to close the loop profitably. Companies that do succeed owe it to a …

due diligence

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Plea for due diligence on every supplier

To properly address supply-chain risk, multinationals should be doing due diligence on every supplier and cascading action down through the value chain. As multinational corporations try to cut their carbon emissions and tackle other social ills, …



Intersteel invests in data science to achieve better forecasting

Geopolitical, economic and sustainability-related developments are all putting increasing pressure on supply chains. To make supply chains more resilient, you need to innovate – but how? During Supply Chain Media’s fourth SCM Talkshow, Véronique Sonsma …



Digitization: frontrunners extend their lead

Many companies say they are digitizing their supply chain, but their words don’t translate into deeds. As a result, they are continually falling further behind the frontrunners. During a recent Supply Chain Media Webinar Wednesday, Flexport’s …

visibility and response

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Avoiding new disruptions with improved visibility and faster response

Supply chains have now largely recovered after the chaos and disruptions of recent times. To prevent new disruptions, many companies are prioritizing optimization initiatives that improve their end-to-end visibility and response velocity as ways of …

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The ‘big reveal’ of The Magic Conveyor Belt

‘The Magic Conveyor Belt’ rewards those who stick with it. In effect, it is more like two books: an explanatory book and a visionary book. Anyone who gives up during the first part, thinking ‘I …

high rate of innovation


High rate of innovation requires tightly managed supply chains

If you’re a fast-growing company that is also changing 20 to 25% of its product range, how can you keep a tight grip on your supply chain? Supply chain directors from Rituals and Jobe Sports …



Alibaba suspected of supply chain espionage

Belgian intelligence services are investigating whether Alibaba is facilitating Chinese espionage at its distribution hub close to Liège. The Chinese e-commerce giant is suspected of attempting to gain insight into supply chains and their eventual …


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Recording webinar ‘Onboarding resilience: Jabil’s game-changing strategy’

What do the 300 of the biggest global brands have in common? They all use Jabil. The electronics manufacturer operates 100 sites across 30 countries and collaborates with over 36,000 suppliers to make components that …

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