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Trend vision Tesisquare: Whirlpool on track to achieve global supply chain visibility

Visibility is one of the biggest supply chain challenges faced by organizations, especially when they are working with numerous external suppliers in a wildly fluctuating market like consumer electronics. One such manufacturer is Whirlpool, which …



Feasibility of many companies’ sustainability ambitions is questionable

Despite the fact that countless companies have pledged to become more sustainable, few of them appear to be in a hurry to do so, according to research by project developer and climate solutions provider South …



Supplier relationships can make or break the supply chain

The current supply chain crisis has further underlined the importance of good relationships with suppliers – on a personal level as well as a professional level. “The stronger the relationships are, the more resilient the …



CO2e emissions are offset for 50% of Forto’s ocean freight volumes

In the third quarter of 2021, 50% of Forto’s total ocean freight volume was shipped with a CO2e emissions offset. In the same period, 65% of customers chose to offset the emissions generated by their …



Wuunder opens City Fulfilment Centres to speed up parcel deliveries

In late September, transport management service Wuunder announced that it is opening City Fulfilment Centres: local warehouses that deliver online orders to customers within one to four hours. According to Wuunder, which provides e-fulfilment support …

innovation drivers


Supply chain trends: look at your innovation drivers

From blockchain to robotic process automation and from 3D printing to machine learning – which trends should you focus on to advance your supply chain? The advice of Martijn Lofvers, Chief Trend Watcher at Supply …



Tesla delivers record-breaking number of cars

Tesla delivered a record-breaking 237,823 cars in the third quarter of 2021. This achievement is particularly impressive in view of the global chip shortage and the fact that the car manufacturer is still not able …

Darrell Rigby - Bain & Company


Supply chain in the scrum applying agile methods

Consultants from Bain & Company have published a book showing how the agile methodology can be applied to manage not just the IT department, but also the entire company – including supply chain. According to …



Despite the warnings, carmakers made the same mistake again

Severe shortages of raw materials and components have brought automotive industry supply chains to a standstill. The same suppliers who had nothing to do a year ago can now no longer handle the workload. “We …

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Trend vision Winddle: “Supply chain excellence is impossible without efficient connectivity”

The supply chain has become a much more complex environment than it was just a few years ago. Trends like cross-organizational collaboration and meaningful data processing are stronger than ever as the overall situation has …

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