More jobs at risk at large companies


More jobs at risk at large companies

With an increased number of redundancies announced by larger companies in 2023, more jobs appear to be at risk this year. Last year, the number of redundancies announced due to bankruptcies was higher than usual, …

GenAI misconceptions


Gartner tackles three GenAI misconceptions affecting supply chain talent strategies

Chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) may be a little too optimistic about the potential of generative AI (GenAI), and these misconceptions may have a negative impact on their talent strategies. This is according to analyst …



Getir ceases instant delivery service in Europe and the US

Instant grocery delivery company Getir has become the latest of its kind to pull out of the European market. The company is also ending operations in the United States. Getir will only remain active in …

A company as a human body

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A company as a human body

Many companies struggle to adapt to the rapidly changing world, especially in these times of economic uncertainty and multiple geopolitical tensions. Agility and resilience are therefore essential – but not all business roles contribute to …

Europa Flow


Europa Flow makes exports to UK easier

Since Brexit, the complexity of the customs process has been a problem for exporters. This has led to much less trade from the EU to the United Kingdom (UK) than before Brexit. An innovative delivery …

rugged technology


Rugged technology increases competitiveness

Deploying rugged technology increases competitiveness within industrial companies by streamlining activities. This is according to new research from IDC in collaboration with Getac Technology Corporation. Benefits of such non-failure-sensitive technology include lower total cost of …

Chinese e-cars


Ports awash with unsold Chinese e-cars

The overflow car parks at European ports are currently awash with (mostly Chinese) electric cars. The cause: falling sales and a shortage of transporters. Across Europe, ports are struggling with a large influx of cars, which …


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IBP gets top priority at FrieslandCampina

What does Integrated Business Planning (IBP) add for a company that has already implemented Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)? That was the main topic at the IBP conference organized by consultancy firm Involvation. Presentations and …


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Recording webinar ‘Collaborative Enterprise Due Diligence’

In the midst of increasing geopolitical conflict, more severe government enforcement initiatives, and an intensifying focus on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG), trade compliance has been thrust into the spotlight, transitioning from an operational …


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Gryn, Lagrange.AI and Quantics finalists in Supply Chain Start-up Contest 2024

Supply chain start-ups Gryn, Lagrange.AI and Quantics, from Germany, Switzerland and Austria respectively, have made it to the finals of the European Supply Chain Start-up Contest 2024. Since 2018, Supply Chain Media, as initiator of …

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