Francesca Gamboni


Francesca Gamboni, Groupe PSA: “It’s my ambition to get supply chain represented on the board”

“The automotive industry is very challenging. It is extremely complex with a huge diversity in products and it’s very demanding from a cost management perspective. All in all, that makes it very exciting,” says Francesca …


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Coronavirus impact felt by 86% of supply chains

The effects of the coronavirus outbreak are being felt by 86% of supply chains in the UK, according to a survey by the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS). This has prompted a major rethink …


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Download the E2E supply chain assessment for coronavirus!

Supply Chain Media’s practical self-assessment tool for end-to-end supply chain visibility is particularly useful for companies during the current corona pandemic because it enables them to screen their entire supply chain. The assessment, which is …



Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: Zencargo

Zencargo was founded in London, UK, by Alex Hersham (CEO, pictured), Richard Fattal (CCO) and Jan Riethmayer (CFO) in 2017. The start-up is on a mission to build ‘a world with smarter trade’ by synchronizing …



Returns often not worth the effort for online retailers

When consumers want to return goods, online stores regularly refund the money without asking for them to be sent back – even if there is nothing physically wrong with the product. This surprising finding emerged …

smart supply chain

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Companies are lagging behind in smart supply chain investment

Over three quarters of all companies lack the skills and capabilities to further digitalize their supply chains. As a result, they risk missing out on major benefits, such as better alignment with customer demand, significant …

British retailers

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Coronavirus causing supply challenges for British retailers

Almost a quarter of British retailers are reporting severe disruption to their supply of goods as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. They are starting to struggle to maintain supplies of some products, according to …

circular economy

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70% of supply chain leaders plan to invest in the circular economy

The large majority – 70% – of supply chain leaders are planning to invest in the circular economy over the next 18 months, according to a recent survey by international research and advisory firm Gartner. …

Supply Chain Movement Innovation and Change

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Supply Chain Movement issue 1, 2020 | Innovation & Change

The first issue of Supply Chain Movement 2020 will appear next week!   In this issue the theme Innovation & Change will be central. During conferences or interviews, chief executives can regularly be heard to say that …



‘Cobots’ alongside order pickers in Dutch warehouse

Order pickers at a Ceva Logistics warehouse in the Netherlands have recently started working alongside a fleet of robots. The logistics service provider refers to them as ‘cobots’ to emphasize that the robots collaborate with …

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