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Customs software vendors issue urgent warning

A major challenge looms for countless importers and exporters in Europe. This time it’s not about Brexit or President Trump’s international trade policies, but about the mandatory transition to the new customs declaration management system …

electric trucks

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E-trucks to reach financial tipping point in 2028

For many companies, electric trucks will not become financially attractive until at least 2028. Nevertheless, the e-truck will break through sooner due to the introduction of zero-emission zones in 2025. By 2030, as many as …


Thomas Panzer, Bayer: “The need for supply chain reliability has never been more important”

Around the world our health care systems are being transformed. The aging population, the trend to specialized medicine, novel and advancing technologies, increasing cost pressure and digitalization of processes is changing the way we provide …



Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: MyFreight

MyFreight was founded in the Netherlands in 2018 by David van der Stelt and Maarten Bos, who both have a strong background in logistics. Their idea was to improve the transparency of online freight management …



Smart border system tested in run-up to Brexit

In preparation for a no-deal Brexit, a new smart border system between the United Kingdom and the European Union has been operationally tested in France. Geodis, a global expert in transport and logistics, partnered up …

supply chain digitalization


Supply chain digitalization: cautiously advancing towards the next peak

We are in the midst of the transition from one era to the next: moving from the computer age into the digital age, which is dominated mainly by artificial intelligence. Caution is advised during this …



Supply chain scale-up in the spotlight: Quiqup

Quick local delivery is increasingly becoming the norm due to the growth of e-commerce and mobile commerce as well as the behaviour and expectations of millennials. Quiqup, which today employs 130 people, was founded in …

logistics space


‘Intense competition for logistics space in Europe’

The competition for European logistics space is intensifying. In the first half of 2019, logistics take up reached a record 11.9 million square metres. This was combined with downward pressure on yields, according to the …



Gulpener is building the ‘most sustainable brewery in Europe’

Gulpener has started construction work on a new, ultra-sustainable brewery, which the beer company itself describes as the most sustainable in Europe. When finished, the new brewery will require 75% less energy, can operate using …

Trend Compass EU

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Whitepaper Trend Compass EU

If companies are to survive in today’s rapidly changing world, they need to align their strategies and supply chains with various megatrends, macrotrends and microtrends. To help them, Supply Chain Media has developed the Trend …

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