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Recording webinar Top 28 Supply Chain Executives Europe 2021

Supply Chain Media, KMPG and Inspired- Search organized a webinar about the Top 28 Supply Chain Executives Europe. For this year’s edition, Supply Chain Media, KPMG Advisory and Inspired-Search scanned the top European executives and compiled a …



Hesselberg improves spare parts availability near the Polar circle

If you’re based in northern Norway, how can you get faulty construction equipment and forklifts up and running again as quickly as possible? During a recent Webinar Wednesday, Thomas Bach-Nilsen from the Hesselberg Group explained …

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Henkel wins second edition of SCM Global Pub Quiz

Besides causing widespread disruption in the supply chain, COVID-19 has also produced some positives – such as the new tradition of rounding off each year with a global pub quiz about supply chain management. In …

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New software reduces the chance of empty supermarket shelves

New software offers a solution for supply bottlenecks in international goods traffic. Experts from Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft – the largest applied research organization in Europe – have succeeded in developing IT solutions that significantly reduce the likelihood of empty …

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Fears of Christmas tree shortage in North America

In North America, concerns about COVID-19 seem to have been temporarily displaced by fears of a looming shortage of Christmas trees. Many Americans are worried that their Christmas celebrations will be spoiled due to the …



‘S&OP implementation can and must be much faster’

Many companies continue to struggle with sales & operations planning (S&OP) and integrated business planning (IBP). Eric van Dijk, CEO of Slimstock, advocates a practical approach. “You don’t learn how to play football by studying …

RTI Blockchain


RTI Blockchain wins Social Impact Award 2021

The start-up RTI Blockchain, based in the Dutch city of Amersfoort, has been named as the winner of the Social Impact Award 2021. The announcement was made during the third edition of the Dutch Blockchain …



Global reshoring will lead to more automated manufacturing centres

A significant shift towards highly and fully automated manufacturing centres is anticipated in Europe and the USA by 2024, with the share of labour-intensive manufacturing expected to drop by a whopping 86%. Meanwhile, more than …

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Supply chains aren’t broken, it’s more a question of demand

Mainstream news reports are full of claims that supply chains are broken, citing widespread product shortages, overflowing ports and spiking freight costs. But perhaps there is another way to understand what is happening: supply chains …

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Recording webinar ‘Conquering the aftermarket with superior logistics’

Conquering the aftermarket with superior logistics. Boost your sales results via Supply Chain Planning. Be inspired by Hesselberg Group. Learn how a leading distributor of construction machinery and trucks, founded in 1897, realized a 34% sales …

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