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Heineken anticipates disappointing 2019

Heineken is already preparing itself for less success this year than in 2018. On top of the rising costs of raw materials and the ongoing shortage of truck drivers, the world’s second-largest brewer is seriously …



Nestlé accelerates move towards supply chain transparency

Nestlé plans to disclose information about the suppliers of its 15 most important raw materials, accounting for 95% of its annual sourcing of commodities. This initiative is aligned with the Swiss food giant’s commitment to …

John Gattorna

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John Gattorna: ‘The most successful supply chain approach is outside-in’

An outside-in approach is essential for an effective supply chain, according to John Gattorna. The Australian supply chain management expert and author of various respected books spoke during a webinar organized exclusively for members of …


inNOWvate, Trends

International keynote speakers to discuss digitalization at inNOWvate

What is the best approach to innovation in the current era of digitalization? A number of high-profile keynote speakers from across Europe, including Professor Carlos Cordon (pictured) from IMD Business School, will be providing clear …

plastic waste


Multinationals join forces against plastic waste

A group of 28 multinationals have agreed to work together to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment over the next five years. The Alliance to End Plastic Waste includes big names in …

doks. innovation


Supply chain start-up in spotlight: doks. innovation

The German start-up called doks. innovation GmbH was co-founded in Dortmund in 2017 by Benjamin Federmann (CEO), Quang Hien Mike Becker (Senior Software Developer), Martin Fiedler (Senior Software Developer) and Martin Lang (Senior Engineer), some …



MediaMarkt optimizes distribution with new DC in the Netherlands

Consumer electronics retailer MediaMarkt is adding a new 70,000 m2 distribution centre (DC) in Etten-Leur, the Netherlands. This new, state-of-the-art warehouse is aimed at centrally organizing and hence significantly improving the replenishment and distribution activities for …



Philips to transfer UK production activities to the Netherlands

Philips is planning to close its factory in the English village of Glemsford in 2020. Much of the production will be transferred to Drachten in the north of the Netherlands, where the company already has …



L’Oréal plans to deploy inventory-taking drone

In the logistics hub of Cosmétique Active International (CAI), a division of L’Oréal Group, some of the annual stock-taking activities will soon be performed by an unmanned aerial vehicle (‘drone’) following CAI’s implementation of Hardis …

last-mile delivery

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Grocery retailers need to optimize last-mile delivery

Today’s consumer products firms and retailers in the food and grocery segment need to optimize their last-mile delivery processes in order to catch up with consumer demand while also mitigating associated profitability risks. That is …

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