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Roadmap for decarbonizing your supply chain

According to consulting firm McKinsey, active supply-chain decarbonization is becoming a licence to operate for businesses. But companies aiming for responsible sourcing are hindered by fragmented data pipelines. The task of evaluating millions of suppliers …

fashion industry

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Fashion industry failing to reduce carbon emissions

The fashion industry continues to fall short of its 2030 carbon reduction goals. Data from’s 2022 Fashion Supply Chain Emissions Report shows that the sector’s CO2 emissions increased last year, despite pledges to reduce …


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Recording webinar ‘Disruptions in the Logistics Industry and potential future strategies’

The universe of logistics is changing rapidly and irreversibly due geopolitical unrests, high energy prices and a possibly upcoming recession. The corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine have forced manufacturing, wholesale, retail and logistics …


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Lidl phases out air freight for fresh produce

Grocery retailer Lidl has announced plans to stop using air freight to source fresh fruit and vegetables for its Dutch stores. This measure is aimed at reducing the carbon emissions associated with the transport of …

bike industry

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European bicycle industry is pooling knowledge on supply chain resilience

Cycling Industries Europe (CIE), the umbrella trade organization representing the bike industry in Europe, has started pooling its combined knowledge on supply chain resilience and raw materials. By doing so, CIE aims to address the …

Scope 3 emissions

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Businesses must get to work on Scope 3 emissions

Businesses will soon be expected to report on their Scope 3 emissions. To be more precise, they will need to obtain carbon emissions data from their suppliers, customers and logistics service providers. Sending them lengthy …


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Makersite raises €18M in investment

Makersite, a supply chain digital twin platform that helps major brands worldwide to improve their product sustainability, manage risks and optimize costs, has raised €18 million in a new round of funding. The German start-up …

Air Up

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Nearshoring strategy brings Air Up to the Netherlands

Air Up and Kuehne+Nagel have expanded their partnership with a new e-fulfilment centre in the Dutch town of Veghel. This is an important step in the nearshoring strategy of Air Up, the innovative beverage system …


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Webinar recording ‘Managing trade-offs in strategic supply chain decision making’

As a supply chain leader, how do you manage your stakeholders when facing conflicting KPIs? Sustaining revenue growth often requires making the supply chain more efficient. But how can you make sure that an improvement in …

digital product passport

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Digital product passport to boost circular supply chain

As part of regulations from Brussels, every unique product in Europe will be required to have a digital product passport which contains all the information needed to reuse, repair or recycle it. During the GS1 …

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