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The huge impact of waste on the bottom line

When companies think about sustainability, they often focus on their carbon footprint. One underexposed aspect of sustainability is waste. As much as 8% of all stock is thrown away. During Webinar Wednesday, Steve Downes of …


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Climate transition offers wholesalers new business opportunities

According to an analysis by ING Research, the wholesale sector has less ambitious CO2 reduction targets than the retail sector. On average, wholesale companies aim to reduce their own Scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions …


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Recording webinar ‘Prioritise waste reduction for sustainability and strategic advantages’

In this insightful webinar we delve into the critical issue of waste within the supply chain. In this session, we'll explore the significant environmental, financial, and opportunity costs associated with waste, shedding light on how …

circular warehouse

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Bleckmann’s circular warehouse becomes the norm in Europe

More than a year after completion, Bleckmann has celebrated the opening of the Netherlands’ first circular warehouse. Karl Lagerfeld is the first customer who has consciously chosen to move to this warehouse in the Dutch …


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Compliance issue requires cross-functional approach

In addition to all the disruptions in their supply chains, companies face more and more legislation on sustainability. It is not just government agencies that enforce these, but increasingly NGOs and other interest groups. During …

Scope 3 emissions

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‘Supply chain executives cannot reduce Scope 3 emissions single-handedly’

Europe’s largest companies are required to annually report on their supply chain-related carbon emissions. Is it the job of the chief supply chain officer (CSCO) to initiate and support projects to reduce these Scope 3 …


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Start-up Traxed bets on blockchain for sustainability reporting

Founded in 2023, Traxed is a very young company that focuses entirely on collecting sustainability data for compliance with CSRD legislation. Tiziano Tavasanis explains why he founded the company and what he has learned after …

Schneider Electric

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Schneider Electric: ‘‘Sustainability is not a zero-sum game’’

Schneider Electric topped the Global 100, a ranking of the hundred most sustainable companies, in 2021. In that year, the French high-tech company launched a new sustainability strategy with ambitious targets. Crucial to this is …


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Sustainability legislation creates huge new task for GS1

Under ESG legislation, companies have to start recording a long list of sustainability data. In this context, standardization organization GS1 has an important task to fulfil. Moreover, by introducing a new QR code, as the …


Sustainability, Trends

Start-up Pelt8 helps gather sustainability data from supply chain partners

Swiss-based Pelt8, founded three years ago, offers companies a SaaS tool to easily collect sustainability data from supply chain partners. From the tool, reports can automatically be created that comply with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting …

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