Pierre Mille, Versuni: “All our supply chain strategies are built on product circularity”

Pierre Mille, Versuni

As Supply Chain Lead at fast-growing business Versuni, Pierre Mille has a huge amount on his agenda. Previously known as Philips Domestic Appliances, Versuni is one of the last spin-offs from Royal Philips. The product portfolio includes everything in the kitchen, from toasters and blenders to the world-famous Philips AirFryers, and in the house from vacuum cleaners, steam irons and cleaning robots to climate care and home security.

Versuni became independent in September 2021 after its sale to an international private equity fund and announced its name change earlier this year. “Our purpose is turning houses into homes with a strategy to deliver above-market growth and margin expansion,” he says. To make that happen, Mille is in charge of operating and redesigning a supply chain that will enable speed to market and circularity of products. To help enable the new strategy, the company went live with a full, new SAP suite on 1 May.

What is your company strategy: operational excellence, product leadership or customer intimacy?

“We have a clear product leadership approach. We are associated with great brands that are very well-liked by consumers, also in terms of our relationship with customers and the way we relate to consumer needs. We believe we can win by taking a bigger share of the market based on the global brand Philips, as well as with local brands, for example, in Brazil and India, and in coffee machines. Our other advantage is our very strong innovation background. Versuni has quite a number of very discriminant patents. For example, the AirFryer which we created just over ten years ago has a unique way of distributing air within the fryer and it is incredible how we are able to outperform the competition with this. Also the nozzles on our vacuum cleaners are a real differentiating factor; they are as powerful with 900 Watts as the competition is with 1400 Watts. … … …

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