Supply Chain Movement 51 | Resilience

Supply Chain Movement Q4 - Resilience

The main theme of the 51st issue (Q4, 2023) of the quarterly magazine Supply Chain Movement is Resilience. 

Publication Date: December 1, 2023

12 | Profile Pauline Vink, VP Global Supply Chain, Corbion

In the space of less than two years, Corbion – a publicly listed company that produces sustainable ingredients – has transformed its silo-based organization into three holistically managed end-to-end value chains. How did Pauline Vink pull that off? And which steps does she still need to take to achieve her goal of an entirely touchless flow through the chain for 80% of orders?

18 | Management: Supply Chain Network Design

The vulnerability of complex global supply chains has been a topic of conversation ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. New research from BCI Global and Supply Chain Media shows that companies are not just talking about moving manufacturing capacity to their region, but are actually doing it. The main reasons are better resilience and agility, but sustainability also plays a role. One of the biggest challenges is to create the right ecosystem of suppliers.

26 | SO&E Subway Map, a journey from plan to transaction

Sales & Operations Execution (S&OE) has been gaining attention as demand volatility and supply disruptions became the norm in recent years. The smooth execution of tactical Sales & Operation Planning (S&OP) and Integrated Business Planning (IBP) plans is no longer a given. Quickly changing circumstances ask for a structured yet flexible approach that does not require constant interventions from middle/higher management. But S&OE is complex and generally underrated, as it plays on a very detailed planning level.

28 | Management: End-to-end control tower

The scope of most control towers is limited to the part of the supply chain where the most benefits can be gained. For ASML that is the warehouse in Veldhoven, whereas for Hilti is ocean freight from Asia. Many manufacturers and retailers would prefer to go a step further and broaden the scope to an end-to-end supply chain control tower. But that’s still not so easy in practice.

35 | Roadmap collaborative S&OP

In a context where markets constantly evolve in line with consumer behaviours, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is becoming fundamental for companies. This cross-functional decision-making process helps all departments to think and act in unison, to better absorb variations in supply and demand, to align with the global strategy and to achieve set objectives. Unfortunately, many manufacturers and retailers face difficulties in performing this vital process, not least on a regular monthly basis.

36 | Top 28 Supply Chain Executives Europe 2023

With the world in turmoil, companies and their supply chains are constantly facing diverse and unexpected disruptions. Storytelling and change management are the most important skill for supply chain leaders – more important even than the ability to think about strategy and transformation, and to develop scenarios and resilience. This is according to an annual survey and round-up of key individuals by Supply Chain Media, IG&H Consulting and Inspired-Search when compiling the ninth edition of the Top 28 Supply Chain Executives in Europe.

44 | Mindmap Digital Shipping Standards

The container shipping industry is rapidly evolving, and stakeholders must embrace digitalization to remain competitive. The Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) and Supply Chain Movement have collaborated to create a practical and concise mindmap that outlines the potential benefits for standards and digitalizing container shipping trade. With clear indicators of potential risks, this tool can help stakeholders navigate the digital landscape and improve the customer journey of goods.

46 | Interview: Pierre Mille, Versuni

As Supply Chain Lead at fast-growing business Versuni, Pierre Mille has a huge amount on his agenda. Previously known as Philips Domestic Appliances, Versuni is one of the last spinoffs from Royal Philips. The product portfolio includes everything in the kitchen, from toasters and blenders to the world-famous Philips AirFryers, and in the house from vacuum cleaners, steam irons and cleaning robots to climate care and home security. It became independent in September 2021 after its sale to an international private equity fund and announced its name change earlier this year. “Our purpose is turning houses into homes with a strategy to deliver above-market growth and margin expansion,” he says. To make that happen, Mille is in charge of operating and redesigning a supply chain that will enable speed to market and circularity of products. To help enable the new strategy, the company went live with a full, new SAP suite on 1 May.

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