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software selection-Erik-Kriek

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Supply chain community seeks new tools

Supply chain disruption causes doubts and despair within companies. Many existing planning systems fall short in factoring in unpredictability and uncertainty. Therefore, more and more supply chain professionals are keen to find supply chain software …


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When supply chain becomes a battlefield

Many of the challenges businesses are currently facing – shortages, volatile demand, inflation, sanctions and supply chain disruption – are also characteristics of a wartime economy. According to Roberto Crippa, Supply Chain Director at IWT …

… … battlefield Want to read more? Download Supply Chain Movement Q3, 2022 for free. Eline Oudenbroek

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Supply Chain Movement 47 | Resilience & Systems

The main theme of the Q4, 2022 issue of quarterly Supply Chain Movement is Resilience & Systems. Read this issue for free here.  Publication Date: December 2, 2022 10 | Profile Eline Oudenbroek In 1994, the founder of …

Harness the strength of your suppliers

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Harness the strength of your suppliers

Close and strategic collaboration with key suppliers can be your company’s secret weapon in overcoming today’s supply chain challenges. However, this requires a whole new approach to the purchasing function, according to the four top …

Ilham Smaali

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Ilham Smaali, Estée Lauder: “We want business continuity but never at the expense of teammates”

Ilham Smaali studied nuclear physics, but as a ‘people person’ quickly moved out of R&D into supply chain to follow her North Star. She started her career 16 years ago on the manufacturing floor at …

successful innovation

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Storytelling holds the key to successful innovation

Innovation is essential in order to digitize and integrate supply chains and to make them sustainable from end to end, which means that they are continuously in a state of transformation. But how can you …

Alexandre Baubert

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Alexandre Baubert, Signify: “I wanted to be in a company that has a purpose that fits the future”

“Live the purpose. Embrace the values and dare to innovate to serve your customer!” Motivating words from Alexandre Baubert who left a top job in the oil and gas sector to work for lighting company …

Digital & Green supply chains

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Supply Chain Movement 46 | Digital & Green supply chains

The main theme of the Q3, 2022 issue of quarterly Supply Chain Movement is Digital & Green supply chains. Download this issue for free below. Publication Date: September 29, 2022 12 | Profile Alexandre Baubert “Live the purpose. …

Reshoring gathers steam

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Reshoring gathers steam

As many as 60% of companies from Europe and the USA are planning to bring some production activities back from Asia to their own region, according to research by Supply Chain Media and consulting firm …

Super-fast deliveries

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Super-fast delivery requires a more integrated supply chain

Riders making super-fast deliveries of meals and groceries are becoming an increasingly familiar sight on the streets in many of the world’s cities but, when it comes to e-fulfilment, the race for speed has only …

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