Subway Map

Subway Map

S&OP Subway map

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S&OP Subway Map: A journey from strategy to schedule

Sales & Operations Planning and the more extensive Integrated Business Planning are both decision-making processes that aim to proactively balance demand and supply. But how does an S&OP process actually work? Especially in large organizations, …

IT Subway Map Europe 2022

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IT Subway Map Europe 2022: Supply chain software in huge demand

Supply chain software vendors have the wind at their backs in Europe, mainly due to the numerous disruptions and the need for companies to digitally transform. One positive effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been …

Visual Subway Map Consulting 2022

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Pandemic disruptions are boosting supply chain consulting

In 2021 almost 90% of European consulting firms saw a rise in profits from their supply chain consulting activities, compared to only roughly half of them a year earlier. Nearly three-quarters of them did supply …

IT Subway Map Europe 2021

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IT Subway Map Europe 2021 shows dynamic shifts

Europe’s supply chain software market went through a quiet period in the early phase of the coronavirus pandemic, but we are now seeing a large number of acquisitions, newcomers and collaborative partnerships. According to our …

supply chain consulting

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Supply chain consulting grows in Europe during pandemic

Almost half of the supply chain consulting firms in Europe saw their business grow last year. Meanwhile, profitability declined for 28% and it remained the same for an equal percentage. Most of the consulting projects …

3PL Subway Map Europe 2020

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3PL Subway Map Europe 2020

Half of the logistics service providers expect lower profits due to the coronavirus! Logistics service providers are expecting the coronavirus crisis to have a negative impact on their business. In March this year, Supply Chain Media …

IT Subway Map Europe 2020

Subway Map

IT Subway Map Europe 2020

Supply chain software in demand due to coronavirus After the coronavirus crisis, supply chain software vendors in Europe expect to be implementing the same number of projects or even more than before. However, almost 60% predict …

Consulting subway map Europe 2020

Subway Map

Digitalization drives supply chain consulting growth

In 2019, over 70% of Europe's supply chain consultancy firms completed more projects, hired more consultants and invoiced more billable hours than in 2018. These are the key findings from Supply Chain Movement's own study …

3pl Subway Map

Subway Map

The 7th edition of the 3PL Subway Map Europe

Logistics service providers worldwide seem to be riding high on an economic wave, mainly thanks to the growth of e-commerce. But that growth is also giving international e-tailers such as Amazon and Zalando a stronger …

IT Subway Map

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IT Subway Map: sustained growth in cloud solutions

Ever-more companies are switching to supply chain software in the cloud. Software vendors that have offered a cloud-based solution right from the start, such as Anaplan, are enjoying particularly strong growth in supply chain, but …

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