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Checklist for optimizing transport procurement

Most companies with a Transport Management System (TMS) in place have a wide range of transport data available to use in transport optimization efforts or as the basis for transport tenders. Without access to external …

Checklist FaaS


Checklist Forecasting as a Service (FaaS)

Statistical forecasting is often a necessary supply chain planning tool for organizations with a large number of SKUs, disparate business units, unpredictable demand and/or seasonality. But as a company you need more than just technological …


Checklist dock scheduling

Although sometimes overlooked, slot booking is a pivotal link in the supply chain, representing a vital touchpoint for warehouses, carriers and shippers. So much hinges on the loading and unloading process that businesses which optimize …


Checklist inbound logistics

End-to-end visibility through real-time communication Outstanding convenience, personalization and an integrated omnichannel experience – that’s what customers expect in the current era of fast-paced technological advancement. Nevertheless, supply chain optimization is lagging behind – despite holding …


Checklist Gender Diversity

One aspect of improving gender diversity within companies – and hence achieving better and more balanced decision-making – entails tapping into the existing pool of underutilized female talent. The responsibility for maximizing the potential of highly talented …


Checklist B2B Parcel Shipping

Managing transport for worldwide parcel shipping is a complex matter. Transport departments face unique challenges every day due to new products, new markets, new distribution channels and peak periods. Managing multi-carrier parcel shipping typically includes …


Checklist Connected Planning in Supply Chain

Organizations are constantly faced with volatility. Many still use spreadsheets for planning, which means that they desperately need a more accurate and flexible planning strategy. Departments need to collaborate to make their supplier relationships more dynamic. In order to …

Checklist LuckaBox


Checklist Same-day and on-demand delivery

Accessibility and technology have stimulated the rise of online shopping; e-commerce is more powerful than ever before, and billions of euros’ worth of revenue are generated every day. And even though pure e-tailers are growing …

Checklist, Content

Checklist for Strategic Shipments

Delivery reliability plays a key role in improving customer service. In the context of containerized cargo, demurrage and detention are two crucial cost items that can become a huge problem for customers if they do …



Checklist Integrated Business Planning

If you have completed the first few phases of Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and are now ready to take things to the next level, it is time to take a closer look at Integrated …

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