Checklist for supply chain command centre

Checklist for supply chain command centre

According to Gartner, decisions have become 65% more complex since 2020. Executives spend nearly 40% of their time making decisions – and they believe most of that time is poorly used. Analyst firm IDC noted in a 2022 survey that 80% of companies surveyed are working to improve supply chain visibility and 90% their agility. This checklist addresses the right questions to arrive at a supply chain command centre.

The number of disruptions in supply chains is increasing worldwide and these cause variability, such as material shortages and spikes in demand. Data in business silos and disconnected applications limit supply chain visibility and the ability to intervene in disruptions. A digital supply chain command centre is necessary to improve the quality and speed of decision-making in the supply chain.

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A supply chain command centre under a single platform connects multiple data sources. Internal data sources, such as financial and planning data, and external signals, such as weather conditions or environmental data, can be integrated for decisions on specific business challenges.

With predefined business cases – such as risks in customer demand or production constraints – data, insights and recommendations were combined to detect real-time signals, make decisions using analytics and deep learning, and make recommendations.

A supply chain command centre should not only recommend actions, but also learn from both proposed and executed actions so that decisions can be automated where necessary. With a digital command centre, a company can quickly respond to the most challenging business conditions and react to disruptions both upstream and downstream in the supply chain. This makes the supply chain function a strategic competitive advantage when it comes to fulfilling customer and trading partner needs.

Download the ‘Checklist for supply chain command centre’

Software vendor Oracle and Supply Chain Media have compiled this practical checklist of 10 critical questions about a supply chain command centre.

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