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Copenhagen Business School


8th Supply Chain Leaders Forum

Leading businesses and organizations strive for sustainability - towards Mother Earth and toward customers and consumers. Learn how the best of best balance a sustainable supply chain with the ability to handle risks and still …

Kuhne logistics university


Ph.D. seminar doctoral candidates

An optional Ph.D. seminar for the Hamburg International Conference of Logistics will be held on the 25 September 2019 for doctoral candidates in cooperation with the Kühne Logistics University. It will provide an opportunity for …

TUHH Universiteit Hamburg


Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL)

Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL) 2019 focuses on research concepts and ideas that foster the digital transformation in logistics and supply chain with a focus on artificial intelligence. HICL seeks to create an inspiring …

Novotel Warschau Airport


Advanced Supply Chain conference

How will modern technologies affect the work of logistics managers, and how will they change the processes taking place in all parts of the supply chain? During this year's edition of the Advanced Supply Chain …

Internet of Supply Chain conference


Internet of Supply Chain conference

The 4th Annual Internet of Supply Chain conference on 9 & 10 October in Berlin is the only event of its kind. The event gives leading supply chain and logistics professionals the insights required to …

DPA Banner


Blockchain helps Nestlé to improve transparency in the food chain

Swiss multinational Nestlé plans to use blockchain to gain more transparency in the food chain. The company has started a pilot based on blockchain distributed ledger technology which enables the end-to-end traceability of food.Nestlé is …

Books, Trends

New books about technology for supply chain

A boom in new technology for supply chains is flooding the market. How should companies choose the right technology that fits their strategy and supply chains? Below are three recent books that describe how companies …

Books, Trends

The must-reads about supply chain management

In a rapidly changing world, companies have to adopt a different attitude and have their supply chains adapted to the changing needs of customers. But how can companies do this? Below are four recent management …

Data science is our culture


Gartner: ‘Companies need a digital roadmap’

When it comes to the digital transformation, where should a company start? Gartner’s Mike Burkett highlighted that question as he kicked off the firm’s annual supply chain conference in Barcelona in June. “We lack a …



Planning in the twilight

Numerous articles have been published recently on the topics of no-touch planning and lights-out planning. The first thought that comes to my mind is whether planning requiring no intervention at all is indeed possible... and …

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