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Savant Supply Chain Congres

Learn how to move your supply chain to the very core of your company’s strategy during Savant Supply Chain Congres on 8-9 May in Amsterdam. Supply chain and logistics are no longer isolated cost centres …

Consumer & Retail Sector Forum


Supply Chain Management Forum

The Supply Chain Management Consumer & Retail Sector Forum, 16-17 May 2019 in Berlin, aims to provide insights to think in a morge global way, increase efficiency in supply chain flows and focusses on 'end-to-end' …

Integrated Business Planning Forum


Integrated Business Planning Forum

As supply chains mature and S&OP advances, leading companies have continued evolving their planning processes. Integrated Business Planning Forum at 16&17 May in Barcelona represents the evolution of S&OP from its production planning roots in …


Supply Chain industry Week

With the rapidly increasing consumer demand for excellence in logistics and the emergence of automation in supply chain, it is now vital for senior executives to get ahead of the latest trends, strategies and techniques …

Clinical Trial Supply forum


Clinical Trial Supply Forum

A company can't have the best clinical trial supply chain without concrete, end-to-end planning. In recongnition of this fact, The Clinical Trial Supply Forum 2019 will look in-depth at where the gaps are within companies …

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22 start-ups

inNOWvate, Trends

22 start-ups to battle it out during inNOWvate

This year, 22 start-ups will be battling it out during the second European Supply Chain Start-up Contest. Participants in this prestigious competition have the opportunity to present themselves to supply chain professionals during the inNOWvate …

inNOWvate event

inNOWvate, Trends

Innovative supply chain solutions on inNOWvate

How can a company that wants to innovate choose between the large number of innovative supply chain software solutions? The two most important criteria continue to be the customer need – including the associated buying …

voice-directed picking


Voice-directed picking

Jointly developed by Hardis Group and Voiteq, the Reflex Voice solution enables the entire order-picking process to be controlled by voice. The pick-by-voice system is fully integrated and configurable in the Reflex WMS warehouse management …

supply chain knowledge


Supply chain knowledge holds the key to start-up success

Start-ups are making waves in the supply chain management world with their innovative and sometimes astonishing ideas. The biggest challenge is to gain traction for their ideas and find their first customer, even if only …

cargo crime


Tougher security measures advised as cargo crime losses reach 5-year high

At the end of 2018, the Transported Asset Protection Association announced a five-year high of cargo crime incidents, with losses worth €6.8 million in just 30 days. In the Netherlands alone, 46 thefts were reported …

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