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The path to Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Many organizations have a basic S&OP process in place and now want to take the next step to integrated business planning (IBP) in order to maximize the benefits of the process. Supply Chain Media and …

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Whitepaper Every Angle: Gaining Control in a Turbulent World – Understand, Control & Improve

In order to adapt to a new world, one of complexity and ambiguity, of uncertainty and exponential technological progression, the efficiency focused supply chain strategies have had to make way for a more agile approach. …

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Webinar Tesisquare knowledge sharing about the next supply chain
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Trend vision Zetes: Coronavirus pandemic underlines the importance of end-to-end visibility

The strong growth of e-commerce and uncertainties due to Covid-19 have uncovered both short and long-term trends. First, there is an immediate need for safe workspaces. But more than that it underlines the need for …



“Automation needs a human touch to create real supply chain value”

While some dream of a fully automated business, the truth is that a blend of human and machine offers the greatest benefits and greater agility. Automating the supply chain can transform an organization’s future – …

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Supply Chain Trend Event


Supply Chain Trend Event: let’s push ahead! (part 2)

The coronavirus crisis presents not only significant challenges, but also opportunities. During the hybrid Supply Chain Trend Event 2020, six experts conveyed a common message: now’s the time to seize this opportunity! Invest in technologies …

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