Despite the warnings, carmakers made the same mistake again

Severe shortages of raw materials and components have brought automotive industry supply chains to a standstill. The same suppliers who had nothing to do a year ago can now no longer handle the workload. “We …

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Trend vision Winddle: “Supply chain excellence is impossible without efficient connectivity”

The supply chain has become a much more complex environment than it was just a few years ago. Trends like cross-organizational collaboration and meaningful data processing are stronger than ever as the overall situation has …

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Trend Vision FourKites


Trend vision FourKites: “Supply chain visibility drives business value”

Unpredictability can lead to various challenges for organizations, such as the risk of substantial financial consequences when delivery cannot be guaranteed. Real-time and predictive supply chain visibility technology can help to combat this volatile situation, …

Checklist for Supply Chain risk management

Checklist, Trends

Checklist for Supply Chain Risk Management

Geographical risk events are currently top-of-mind among purchasing and supply chain managers as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. While risks like quality control issues and mechanical failures are generally easier to predict, geographical risk …

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Mindmap for Fulfilment Automation

Mindmap, Trends

Mindmap for Fulfilment Automation

In this age of immediacy, a company needs a customer-centric fulfilment strategy that allows for fluidity of workflows, functionality and operations. GreyOrange, a global technology company unifying AI-driven software and mobile robotics, and Supply Chain …

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