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SCM webinar Supply Chain visibility & collaboration with PwC & Anaplan

Supply Chain Media, PwC and Anaplan organized the webinar "Supply chain visibility & collaboration" on Thursday July 9. 86 attendees joined the webinar live. Thanks to the highly engaged audience, more than 20 questions were …

10 questions about organizing succesful B2B webinars


Checklist for B2B webinars

10 questions about organizing succesful B2B webinars During the coronavirus crisis, webinar have proved to be a good alternative to face-to-face events. A webinar can be arranged quickly and at a relatively low cost, but how …

Alcott Global Virtual Supply Chain


Presenting blockchain as the long-awaited turning point in supply chain management

In the recently published book called Integrating blockchain into supply chain management, the phenomenon of blockchain is skilfully stripped of its vague and abstract outer layer. The four authors explain in no uncertain terms how …



China suffers 33% drop in popularity among supply chain leaders

A third of manufacturing companies have already moved sourcing and production activities out of China or plan to do so in the next two to three years. That is the key finding from a survey …

textile industry


Coronavirus crisis highlights vulnerability of Asian textile industry

The coronavirus crisis has once again made the vulnerability of the textile industry in countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia and India painfully clear. Numerous garment factories are currently at risk of bankruptcy. Their disenfranchised position …

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