Consumers and governments are making sustainability demands

Sustainability is almost always mentioned as one of the top two most important supply chain trends. Yet this topic features remarkably low on boardroom agendas, and investments are lagging behind. This is likely to change …

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Recording webinar ‘How to control the internal trade compliance processes across your supply chain?’

Have you always wanted to know how you should control your supply chain? In this recording of a webinar the speaker Dan Ipsen, Managing Director of Pincvision UK Ltd. will talk you through this exciting …

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Supply chain scale-up in the spotlight: Budbee

Budbee is a dynamic, fast-growing tech scale-up that is striving to offer the greenest, smoothest and most precise e-commerce delivery service on the market. It was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, by Fredrik Hamilton (CEO) in …

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The Statement: Circular supply chains will be hampered by a lack of visibility

Digitalization, globalization, sustainability and the current pandemic are all forcing companies to strategically reassess their business priorities. Supply Chain Media has asked a number of supply chain directors and high potentials for their reactions to …

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Logistics issues force Ikea to reduce product range

Swedish home furnishings giant Ikea has been forced to reduce its product range. Many of its stores – especially in the UK and Ireland but also elsewhere – are struggling with supply problems affecting around …

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