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How digital twins support autonomous supply chains

Companies are accelerating their supply chain optimization efforts and are using new technologies to integrally plan and manage their end-to-end supply chains. Both SKF and Medtronic have set up a digital twin of their supply …

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Recording webinar Blockchain in Supply Chain

Supply Chain Media organized a webinar about blockchain in supply chain. Blockchain holds great promise, especially for supply chains. This technology could result in faster, more transparent and more efficient supply chains that are possibly fairer …

Webinar Wednesday

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Recording webinar Cross company Stock Optimization

Supply Chain Media and Flowlity organized a webinar about cross-company stock optimization. The classical model for a company is to order components from a supplier, keep a stock of those components internally. The supplier also keeps …



Flowlity positions itself as trusted third party for inventory management

In October 2020, French start-up Flowlity was named winner of the European Supply Chain Start-up Pitch organized by Supply Chain Media. Some people may have been surprised that the contest was won by a provider …

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COVID-19 pandemic exposes need for central management of healthcare supply chain

The healthcare sector is lagging behind when it comes to supply chain management, yet the potential savings run into billions. So what lessons can be learned from the coronavirus crisis in terms of coordinating resources …

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