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Amsterdamse Golf Club


Supply Chain Golf

For the fifth year in a row, in cooperation with Supply Chain Magazine, DSV is organizing its annual golf tournament on Friday the 8th of June 2018. The informal sportive and network gathering has fast …



4th Global Supply Chain Research Forum

Companies and researchers will have an opportunity for networking and discussing the latest research trends in logistics and supply chain management applied to real life success cases. The 4th Global Supply Chain Research Forum will take …

innovation & co-creation


Building strong relations through innovation & co-creation in China

Design thinking can help SMEs to improve their attractiveness to Chinese business partners. And innovation and co-creation can save companies up to €200,000 and ten weeks of product development work. How? Heidi Larsen reveals all …

Cardinal Health


Inventory problems for Cardinal Health and Under Armour

Earlier this month, two publicly listed companies saw the price of their shares fall sharply following reports of inventory issues: Cardinal Health Inc., a US-based wholesaler of drugs and medical supplies, and Under Armour, an American sportswear manufacturer. Cardinal …

Content, Visuals

Checklist for Strategic Shipments

Delivery reliability plays a key role in improving customer service. In the context of containerized cargo, demurrage and detention are two crucial cost items that can become a huge problem for customers if they do …

Content, Visuals

The path to Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Many organizations have a basic S&OP process in place and now want to take the next step to integrated business planning (IBP) in order to maximize the benefits of the process. Supply Chain Media and …



Consultants being swept along by wave of digitalization

The digitalization of supply chains is posing new challenges for companies. What possibilities does digitalization offer? Which technologies should they implement? How can they utilize the data they gather to add value? For the answers …

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