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Victoria Cantemir, Philips: “Our supply chain needs to be super agile and flexible”

Philips has a long history of innovation. From the commercialisation of electric light bulbs at the turn of the 20th century to X-rays, television and the development of many electrical household items, the Dutch multinational …

change management


No digitalization without change management

Supply chain digitalization is driving a constant stream of innovation and transformation within companies. If there is a lack of focus on change management, every attempt to digitalize the supply chain is doomed to fail. …

supply chains


Digesting the shocks: how supply chains are adapting to the COVID-19 lockdowns

As the world grapples with the human and economic crisis unravelling before us, supply chains are finding themselves squarely within the public eye and experiencing unique challenges of their own. By Professor Ralf W. Seifert, with …

Checklist for transportation cost management


Checklist for transportation cost management

10 Questions about Freight Spend Optimization If there’s one thing supply chain managers have in common, it’s the pressure they’re under to drive down the costs related to producing and supplying goods. For many companies, transportation spending …

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Free supply chain advice during coronavirus crisis

Companies are being offered free supply chain advice and services from several sides during the current coronavirus crisis. Reveal USA and R&G are two consultancy firms sharing free-of-charge tips related to supply chain management, for …

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