Stocking index encourages inventory discussions

Inventory planners have struggled with stock levels more than ever over the past year. How can they make the right choices? In a recent episode of Webinar Wednesday, inventory experts from Slimstock shifted the attention …


Practical insights into supply chain innovation following the COVID-19 pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has proved to be a major business reset for many companies. The COVID-19 outbreak revealed fundamental vulnerabilities in supply chains and accelerated the digital transformation. Speakers at the 4th inNOWvate Supply Chain …

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Gender diversity checklist for HR managers

It is far from easy for talented female professionals to fulfill their potential at work. Supply Chain Media has previously published a checklist so that female high potentials can assess whether they themselves are doing …


AFTS, Garvis, Hedyla and Winddle in final of European start-up contest

The four European start-ups AFTS, Garvis, Hedyla and Winddle have reached the finals of the European Supply Chain Start-up Contest 2021. They will present their innovative solutions in a brief elevator pitch at the hybrid …

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BigMile, BuyCo, doks.innovation and Mixmove in the running for European scale-up award

The scale-ups BigMile, BuyCo, doks.innovation and Mixmove will pitch their innovative solutions online during the hybrid inNOWvate Supply Chain Event on 18 May. Supply Chain Media has organized a separate contest for supply chain scale-ups, …

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