Carlos Cordon


Carlos Cordon: ‘‘It’s time to look to local and regional supply chains to remain competitive”

The most agile companies are embracing the regional and local approach to supply chains to better respond to market needs, says IMD Professor of Strategy and Supply Chain Management Carlos Cordon, as the benefits that …



COVID-19: “Hard work to keep supply chains running”

Different companies’ supply chains have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in different ways. Grocery retailer Auchan mainly felt the impact in the inbound supply chain, while white goods manufacturer Haier struggled to gain demand …

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Electrolux wins Supply Chain Management Award 2020 at Exchainge

Electrolux’s focus on the human aspect as well as automation and integration earned the home appliance manufacturer the Supply Chain Management Award 2020. “The transformation of our supply chain was an important step in our …

New Silk Road


COVID-19 provides boost for New Silk Road

COVID-19 has considerably boosted the use of the New Silk Road, but it remains to be seen how the pandemic will affect the future of the rail link. Today’s primary users, who are in sectors …



Growing importance of sustainability in supply chain management

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, companies are continuing to work on sustainability initiatives. But the ball is now in the consumer's court, according to new research by Miebach Consulting. The study findings suggest that a successful …

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