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Cost no longer only priority in supply chain design

The shift in manufacturing from west to east has noticeably slowed. A production base in a low-wage country is no longer the be-all and end-all. Other factors have become more important in supply chain network …



Refresco receives recognition for optimization of European transport

Refresco, an independent bottler of water, soft drinks and juices, has been awarded the first-ever Lean & Green Star for its transport operations in its European business. The award is in recognition of the company’s …

Future Facts Survey


Supply Chain Media presents Future Facts Survey

Supply Chain Media will analyze the added value of forecasts through its own Future Facts Survey. At the start of every new year, various people and companies attempt to predict what is going to happen …



Series of accidents in Carrefour DC prompts strike

A series of seven workplace accidents at a distribution centre (DC) for grocery retailer Carrefour prompted some members of the workforce to spontaneously go on strike in late January. The accidents all occurred within a …



Bosch: automotive industry remains in recession

The current recession in the automotive industry is far from over, according to Bosch. The global market leader in parts expects the industry stagnation to continue for at least another five years, and predicts that …

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