Whitepaper Risk-Aware Supply Chain Decision-Making

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Whitepaper Risk-Aware Supply Chain Decision-Making

The new highly disruptive external environment requires re-thinking how we design and manage supply chains. Especially now it is critical to avoid the traps of traditional supply chain risk management approaches and take a new …

urban logistics


Transport companies in urban logistics not ready for zero-emission zones by 2030

Many transport companies involved in urban logistics will not be ready for the zero-emission zones that will be introduced in dozens of Dutch cities from 2025. At present, almost 40 per cent of these companies …

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delivery errors


Three quarters of consumers experience delivery errors with online orders

No less than 77 per cent of consumers in the Netherlands and Belgium who made an online purchase in the past three months experienced delivery errors. This is the conclusion of research conducted by Descartes …

Whitepaper: Global Transportation Management Benchmark Survey 2022

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Whitepaper Global Transportation Management Benchmark Survey 2022

Discover the transportation management strategies, tactics and technology that top performers are leveraging to capitalise on market opportunities and adapt to challenges of a constantly evolving supply chain landscape. About the survey Since 2017, Descartes has conducted …

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Fair supply chains


European Commission bill for fair supply chain obliges entrepreneurs to behave responsibly

Members of the European Parliament want to ban products made with forced (child) labour from the internal European market. For retail and trading companies, identifying and 'cleaning-up' their supply chain will be a major challenge. In …



Sustainability requires focus from buyers

How can you measure and compare the sustainability performance of your suppliers? Many buyers send out a standard questionnaire, but the response is often poor and the value limited. Responsibly takes work out of the …

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Supply chain problems and increased costs kill Revlon

Cosmetics company Revlon has filed for bankruptcy. The iconic company is struggling with high debt, supply chain disruptions and rising costs. Yet it hopes to continue operations with financing from its existing lenders, after court …

Mart de Kruif


Former Commander Mart de Kruif: “Dare to take the right decisions”

The NATO mission in Afghanistan was an enormous logistical operation involving 45,000 soldiers and 12,000 containers. As commander, Lieutenant-General Mart de Kruif realized the importance of a good supply chain firsthand. During the SCM Directors …

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