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Increase in delays: half of all consumers encounter late online deliveries

The logistics sector is feeling the effects of the labour shortage. The battle to recruit and retain staff has begun, with carriers now offering employment contracts to delivery drivers. Meanwhile, consumers are already experiencing delays. …



Mewa: a pioneer in textile sharing

Mewa, a European producer of workwear and cleaning cloths, has won a string of awards for its commitment to sustainability. In 2021, for example, it received the Italian ‘Best Performer of the Circular Economy’ award …

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Consumers willing to wait longer for sustainable deliveries

Almost half of Dutch consumers (49%) are willing to accept longer delivery times from sustainable online retailers and, above all, for sustainable delivery options, according to research by Descartes Systems Group. Moreover, 49% are happy …



Amazon to acquire robot builder Cloostermans

Amazon is acquiring the Belgian firm Cloostermans, a builder of mechatronics solutions including logistics robots, as part of its continued investment in supply chain automation. The e-commerce giant from the US has been using Cloostermans’ …



Picnic halts deliveries of frozen products due to lack of dry ice

Online supermarket Picnic has temporarily stopped delivering frozen products. This is due to a shortage of dry ice which is used to keep the frozen products cool during transport to customers. The high gas prices …

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Recording webinar ‘How to balance inventory in an uncertain world?’

The principles of supply chain success remain unchanged: the right stock, in the right place at the right time. But achieving this utopia has never been more challenging or costly. As businesses look ahead towards the end …

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Focus on the consequences of disruptions, not the causes

There’s little point in simply making a list of all the incidents that could disrupt the supply chain. There should be more focus on the impact of those incidents rather than on the incidents themselves. …

Budbee and Instabox


Budbee and Instabox to join forces in parcel delivery

Budbee and Instabox, two originally Swedish parcel delivery companies, are merging to form a new holding company: Instabee. This combination is intended to create more strength to invest in sustainable, last-mile parcel delivery. Instabox has been …

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