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DHL’s Resilience360 and Riskpulse unite

Resilience360, DHL’s supply chain software platform, is to be combined with Riskpulse, a company that offers predictive intelligence software, according to a statement issued by DHL on 9 January. In conjunction with the investment firms Columbia …

artificial intelligence

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It pays to use artificial intelligence

More and more companies are using artificial intelligence (AI) as part of their standard processes. A recent survey by consultancy firm McKinsey reveals that adopting AI helps organizations to reduce costs and boost profit. The …

Carsten Rasmussen


Carsten Rasmussen, Lego: “You cannot make decisions in isolation anymore”

Tough but fair, caring and open are words Carsten Rasmussen uses to describe his management style. The COO of the Lego Group, headquartered in Billund, was recently named the most influential supply chain-leader in Denmark …

Blockchain: The Next Everything


People & Technology: Blockchain: The Next Everything

What is blockchain? Why does everyone from tech experts to business moguls to philanthropists believe it is a paradigm-shifting technology, bound to revolutionize society as significantly as the internet? Indeed, why is blockchain touted as …

Blockchain and the Supply Chain


Education: Blockchain and the Supply Chain

Blockchain can transform companies when successfully integrated into existing supply chain ecosystems and practices. The key benefits include dispute resolution, foolproof track and trace, event management, operational as well as financial transparency, speed to market, …

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