Checklist for optimizing transport procurement

Most companies with a Transport Management System (TMS) in place have a wide range of transport data available to use in transport optimization efforts or as the basis for transport tenders. Without access to external …



Optimism among start-ups gives way to realism

Over the past six years, venture capitalists have ‘discovered’ the supply chain and have invested billions in start-ups, especially in the USA and China. However, many start-ups now find themselves in a crucial phase, especially …



Beware of dogmatic DDMRP

The term ‘Demand-Driven Material Requirements Planning’ (DDMRP) has been around since 2011 but has been attracting particular attention in the past couple of years. It makes some grand promises: higher service levels, 30-40% inventory reductions, …

Martin Koolhoven


Film director Martin Koolhoven: ‘‘To change behaviour you need to tell a story’’

The world is in a transitional phase, which means that almost all companies – and their supply chains – need to transform in order to survive. Storytelling is an effective instrument for overcoming employee resistance …

modern slavery


‘‘Coronavirus crisis has heightened modern slavery risk’’

The risk of modern slavery has increased in certain sectors due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to Catherine McCabe, an analyst at the Canadian firm BMO Global Asset Management (BMO GAM). In an article in …

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