S&OP Subway map

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S&OP Subway Map: A journey from strategy to schedule

Sales & Operations Planning and the more extensive Integrated Business Planning are both decision-making processes that aim to proactively balance demand and supply. But how does an S&OP process actually work? Especially in large organizations, …

machine learning


The Prediction: By 2026 more than 50% of supply chain organizations will use machine learning

Technologies related to control towers, visibility and machine learning are in the spotlight when it comes to supply chain planning. Supply Chain Media asked a number of international supply chain directors for their reactions to …

SCM S&OP Selection Day
Recording webinar

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Recording webinar ‘Tired of “managing” risks? Start incorporating risk into decision-making. Now!’

We have to acknowledge that each supply chain disruption uncovers that we are not very good at supply chain risk management as it is conducted today. We do not learn from past disruptions. We are …



Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: Garvis

Garvis is on a mission to make the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for forecasting and demand planning easy, accessible and explainable, while keeping the planners in control. The company has developed a bionic planning solution …

Sustainable Development Goals


The Statement: UN sustainability goals lead to ‘cherry picking’

The ongoing droughts around the world are causing major supply chain problems. As a result, sustainability is gaining ever more prominence on companies’ strategic agendas. Supply Chain Media has asked a number of supply chain …

AS Watson investment


A.S. Watson’s investment in supply chain transformation pays off during pandemic

The A.S. Watson Group has emerged unscathed from the pandemic. According to the recent announcement of the interim results by parent company CK Hutchison, the world’s largest health & beauty retailer reported an impressive revenue …

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power crisis


Toyota and CATL among companies hit by power crisis in Sichuan

Automotive manufacturer Toyota and CATL, the world’s largest producer of batteries, were both forced to shut their factories in China’s Sichuan province for several days because of the power crisis. The situation was exacerbated by …

Lidl’s first container ship


Lidl’s first container ship enters service

Now that MS Wiking has entered service, Lidl’s container shipping line has become a reality. Operated by the German shipping company Tailwind Shipping Lines, which was founded by the supermarket chain, the ship left China …

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