Demand planners do not need to fear for their jobs

Thanks to artificial intelligence, many demand planning tasks can be automated – including forecast adjustments. But this does not mean that demand planners need to fear for their jobs, according to analytics experts from SAS …


NXP struggles to cope with demand for chips

Now that demand for processors and memory chips is skyrocketing, Dutch manufacturer NXP is struggling to meet the needs of its main customers. Automotive manufacturers – who are in the midst of the transformation to …

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Tariq Farooq, Sanofi: “Top priority is to become even more patient and customer-centric”

The last 12 months have seen companies adapt, collaborate and prove their resilience. “We have been quicker to adapt and more resilient than I thought. If you’d asked me prior to the pandemic if 70,000 …


The importance of cross-functional talent development

Different times call for different competencies. More and more companies are adapting their talent development programmes; the focus is shifting from functional skills to competencies such as learning to collaborate, learning to innovate and learning …

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Recording webinar AI & Cognitive Automation

Making the move from Analytics & Process Automation to Intelligent Automation of the supply chain. This webinar recording provides you the latest insights on Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Automation. Join Dan Mitchell and Patrick Dittli from …

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