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Recording webinar ‘Exploring the power of Digital Shipping Standards’

The container shipping industry is experiencing rapid changes, necessitating the adoption of digitalization to stay competitive. To address this, the Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) and Supply Chain Movement have partnered to develop a practical …

Supply Chain Movement Q4 - Resilience

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Supply Chain Movement 51 | Resilience

The main theme of the 51st issue (Q4, 2023) of the quarterly magazine Supply Chain Movement is Resilience.  Publication Date: December 1, 2023 12 | Profile Pauline Vink, VP Global Supply Chain, Corbion In the space of less …

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antifragile supply chains

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Gartner: Antifragile supply chains achieve growth even during uncertain periods

Is it possible to achieve revenue gains in uncertain times? Only 9% of supply chain organizations expect to do so. According to a new survey by analyst firm Gartner, however, companies that succeed in creating …



IBM: ‘Generative AI spells the end for control towers’

Thanks to generative AI, professionals can obtain answers to supply chain issues without needing to consult complex databases and dashboards. To gain more insight into the opportunities and threats associated with this technology, the Benelux …

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Businesses have faith in their resilience despite all the disruptions

Components shortages and supply chain chaos have become a fact of life in the Dutch manufacturing industry, with 83% of businesses still experiencing supply chain disruptions. Nevertheless, 88% are confident that their company is resilient, …

Pay for your own butler!

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Pay for your own butler!

After a huge peak in 2020, online retail’s share of total retail sales seems to have stagnated at around 13-15% in the major European countries and the USA. It is a similar picture for online …

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Amazon skips outer boxes for parcel shipments

In the Netherlands, Amazon has started shipping goods to customers in the manufacturer’s original packaging, without an extra outer box. This new packaging initiative reduces carbon emissions by making transportation lighter and requiring fewer packaging …

financial planning and supply chain planning

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Passionate plea for integration of financial planning and supply chain planning

How on earth can we expect supply chain agility when each department clings to its own planning processes? During Supply Chain Media’s S&OP Flavour Day, Bram Desmet issued a passionate plea for integrating financial planning …

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