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Messe Frankfurt


EXCHAiNGE meetup

EXCHAiNGE, the Supply Chainers’ Community, will be held in conjunction with the Hypermotion trade show in Frankfurt. The international EXCHAiNGE meetup on November 20 and 21, 2018, will once again bring together some 200 supply …



Global Supply Chain Innovation Leaders Summit

The annual Global Supply Chain Innovation Leaders Summit (SCIS) is an executive gathering dedicated to being a new catalyst for innovation. Bringing together the greatest minds to illuminate key pain points across the supply chain and packaging …



Cold Chain Distribution

SMi proudly presents the 13th annual Cold Chain Distribution Conference and Exhibition, taking place at the Copthorne Tara Hotel in Kensington, London between the 10th - 11th December. The 13th annual event will specifically focus on …



SCM Map Europe 2018/2019

Brexit, China and USA impact on supply chains in Europe Uncertainty and lack of clarity on Brexit are dictating the mood for companies in Europe, despite solid economic growth. Trade conflicts, especially between the USA …

Checklist LuckaBox


Checklist Same-day and on-demand delivery

Accessibility and technology have stimulated the rise of online shopping; e-commerce is more powerful than ever before, and billions of euros’ worth of revenue are generated every day. And even though pure e-tailers are growing …

Reinhard Pölzl - Amber Road

Partners, Trends

Trend vision Amber Road: ‘Managing trade disruptions to best advantage’

The regulations governing global trade change from day to day. On one hand more free trade agreements are coming into force while on the other duties and tariffs can rise unexpectedly. Exporting companies can’t change the policies made by politicians but …

purchasing process


Identifying savings in the purchasing process

Mercateo has developed a tool that breaks down the costs of the various types of purchasing processes and provides insight into currently untapped savings potential in indirect purchasing. By focusing on digitalization, the process cost …

theme parks


Demand-driven theme parks

Sometimes you hear about new ideas that are so logical that you ask yourself, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ Recently I heard about a new app that enables you to pay for your visit to …

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