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Supply chain planners must develop an outside-in mindset to support business objectives

As supply chain planning becomes increasingly mature, planners must change their focus and develop an outside-in mindset. This means looking first at the business objectives of the company, and then aligning strategies and processes that …



Jumbo introduces blockchain-based supply chain visibility for tilapia

Dutch grocery retailer Jumbo intends to use blockchain to provide visibility into the tilapia supply chain. Customers will be able to see how the fish travelled all the way from the fish farm in Indonesia …



Brexit bottleneck

Even though the Brexit has failed to materialize yet again, it is already starting to have a negative effect on the UK and Dutch economies and their supply chains. Stockpiling by British companies and consumers …

BMW Group


BMW Group wins prestigious German logistics award

BMW Group has won the Logistik-Preis, the leading annual German logistics award, for its ‘Logistics Next’ project which was launched in 2016. Logistics Next is aimed at using state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), …


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Big data and analytics hold the key to supply chain sustainability

A sustainable supply chain requires corporate social responsibility to become part of the sourcing agenda. The main topic of discussion at the Sustainability Summit, organized by SAP Ariba in Barcelona, was how to monitor and …

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