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Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: Impargo

Impargo was founded in Berlin, Germany, by Gerhard Hänel and Julian Labeit in 2017. Their vision is to digitalize transport order management, from shipper to dispatcher to driver, and to become the largest autonomous freight matching …



Thou shalt stockpile!

In supply chain management, the 5 P’s are ‘Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance’. You should always be ready for what might happen – and stockpiling should be part of those preparations, because robust supply chains …

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Half of all logistics service providers expect coronavirus outbreak to put dent in profits

Dutch logistics service providers are already expecting the coronavirus pandemic to have a significant impact on their business, according to an online survey conducted by Supply Chain Media last week. When asked about the effect …



Acquisition takes French WMS vendor Savoye into retail stores

Savoye, a French vendor of warehouse management system (WMS) software, has acquired fellow French company SoCloz, a provider of digital omnichannel platforms (SaaS) for bricks-and-mortar stores. The takeover adds omnichannel retail solutions to Savoye’s already …



Besi CEO remains calm in face of coronavirus crisis

Richard Blickman is not panicking about the coronavirus crisis just yet. He has been at the helm of Besi, a company that makes machines for the chip industry, for the past 25 years and is …

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