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Supply Chain industry Week

With the rapidly increasing consumer demand for excellence in logistics and the emergence of automation in supply chain, it is now vital for senior executives to get ahead of the latest trends, strategies and techniques …



inNOWvate Supply Chain Event

Where the importance of innovation is clear to everyone, the 'how' is often much more complicated. Research shows that most innovations at start-ups were devised by people who worked an average of 9 meters apart …


Deliver: the European rendezvous for e-logistics

The 4th edition of the DELIVER elite series will gather 1,200 high-level delegates from 30 countries on 5&6 June 2019 in Lisbon at the Estoril Congress Center, after 3 successful editions in Luxembourg, Berlin, and …

Gartner Conference


Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 2019

Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 2019 from 17 until 19 June is designed to help companies foster innovation and profitability in this disruptive environment. Join a community of 900+ supply chain leaders and learn how …

Radisson Blu Hotel Frankfurt


Integrated Business Planning Summit

The 2nd Annual Integrated Business Planning Summit will take place on the 20th & 21st of June 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany. This conference brings a unique opportunity for businesses and professionals to discuss how to …

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Road Map

Route map for supply chain innovations

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower,” is a well-known quote by Steve Jobs. According to him, companies need to have a clear idea of which direction they want to follow. A map showing …

global disruption in the supply chain


Facing up to global disruption in the supply chain (2)

Lucy Harding and Pieter Ebeling, Partners in the Global Procurement and Supply Chain and Consumer, Retail and Digital Practices of Odgers Berndtson in the UK and the Netherlands, respectively, continue to discuss global disruption in …

IT Subway Map

Subway Map

IT Subway Map: sustained growth in cloud solutions

Ever-more companies are switching to supply chain software in the cloud. Software vendors that have offered a cloud-based solution right from the start, such as Anaplan, are enjoying particularly strong growth in supply chain, but …


Checklist Gender Diversity

One aspect of improving gender diversity within companies – and hence achieving better and more balanced decision-making – entails tapping into the existing pool of underutilized female talent. The responsibility for maximizing the potential of highly talented …


Checklist B2B Parcel Shipping

Managing transport for worldwide parcel shipping is a complex matter. Transport departments face unique challenges every day due to new products, new markets, new distribution channels and peak periods. Managing multi-carrier parcel shipping typically includes …

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