Fewer empty shelves thanks to faster access to data

Many retailers in the UK are struggling with empty shelves due to a ‘perfect storm’ of supply chain shortages, ranging from goods to drivers. One Network Enterprises advocates the creation of digital social networks for …

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Trend vision GreyOrange: Companies are now recognizing the strategic value of robots

Two key supply chain challenges that companies currently face are the labour shortage and the increasing complexity of inventory management, partly due to the steep rise in online orders. These developments are increasing the demand …

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Trend vision Oracle: Vulnerability drives end-to-end supply chain digitalization

Today’s supply chains are more difficult to predict than ever before. As a result, organizations need to become flexible in dealing with unexpected changes. This is driving accelerated digitalization, with a move to the cloud …

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Trend vision EyeOn: Utilize digital transformation to seize the existing opportunities

The world has become more complex and uncertain. This is clearly having repercussions and has exposed vulnerabilities in companies’ supply chains. As a result, many businesses are redesigning their supply chains and doing more scenario-based …

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Wheel of Five


The Wheel of Five: Eliminate unnecessary variation in supply and demand

To help organizations recognize and effectively deal with good and bad variability, Involvation has developed the Wheel of Five for Supply Chain Management. This is the final part in the series of five articles about …

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