‘Less bad’ supply chains are no longer good enough for Nestlé

The food system is at the heart of many of the world’s environmental and social challenges. This was the firm statement by Robin Sundaram, responsible sourcing manager for Nestlé, during The Smooth Supply Chain Conference …

AI tools


AI tools should free Unilever supply chain professionals from the routine

The ability to free humans from repetitive activities so they can redirect their effort to more value-adding tasks is the primary objective of Unilever’s investment in advanced tools with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Rodrigo Krasnicki, global …

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Ferrero plant shut down


Ferrero plant shut down after salmonella contamination

More than a hundred cases of salmonella have been linked to eating Ferrero’s Kinder Surprise and Schokobons, among other products, in a number of EU countries (France, Republic of Ireland and Belgium) and the United …

Super-fast deliveries

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Super-fast delivery requires a more integrated supply chain

Riders making super-fast deliveries of meals and groceries are becoming an increasingly familiar sight on the streets in many of the world’s cities but, when it comes to e-fulfilment, the race for speed has only …

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Supply chain scale-up in the spotlight: Circularise

Circularise responds to the increasing demand for sustainability and an ethical production chain against the backdrop of climate change, shifts in mobility, supply chain complexity, resource scarcity and regulatory pressure. The implementation of circular economy …

DHL boss: “Supply chain recovery will take more time”


DHL boss: “Supply chain recovery will take more time”

Tim Scharwath, CEO Freight at DHL Global Forwarding, expects some improvements in port congestion next year as new container ships are delivered and demand from shippers weakens now that the pandemic appears to be over. …

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fashion industry


More visibility will strengthen supply chain resilience in fashion industry

Fashion companies with long, complex supply chains are struggling because they lack the ability to respond quickly and adequately to unexpected events. During a recent Webinar Wednesday, start-up Winddle and consultancy KPMG explained how companies …

end-to-end digitization


End-to-end digitization is top supply chain priority

End-to-end digitization is a top priority for supply chain professionals because it will allow them to explore industry best practices and thus improve operational performance. That is the main conclusion from the Körber Supply Chain …

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