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XPO Logistics


Marketing & Communications Manager at XPO Logistics

What you'll do on a typical day Working on executing the global and local marketing plan working closely with the business. Managing all external and internal communication. Responsibilities Manage and roll out the execution of the events …

The Blue Connection


The Blue Connection: tool for circular business transformation

The Blue Connection business simulation tool by Inchainge illustrates the importance of strategy and collaboration in ensuring successful transformation to a circular supply chain. Inchainge’s strategy game is aligned with the current trend in which …

customs software vendors


Customs software vendors issue urgent warning

A major challenge looms for countless importers and exporters in Europe. This time it’s not about Brexit or President Trump’s international trade policies, but about the mandatory transition to the new customs declaration management system …

electric trucks

Reports, Trends

E-trucks to reach financial tipping point in 2028

For many companies, electric trucks will not become financially attractive until at least 2028. Nevertheless, the e-truck will break through sooner due to the introduction of zero-emission zones in 2025. By 2030, as many as …


Thomas Panzer, Bayer: “The need for supply chain reliability has never been more important”

Around the world our health care systems are being transformed. The aging population, the trend to specialized medicine, novel and advancing technologies, increasing cost pressure and digitalization of processes is changing the way we provide …

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