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Recording webinar ‘How to deploy a digital supply chain network for accelerated value’

On September 15, 2021 One Network Enterprises and Supply Chain Media organized a webinar with the topic 'How to deploy a digital supply chain network for accelerated value'. Shirell James, VP EMEA at One Network …

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Supply Chain Survival Toolkit 2

In the face of major disruption, you have no choice: You instinctively go into survival mode. Your focus shifts to the immediate short-term and your long-term plans seem less important. After all, there is no …

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The Statement: E-commerce will force the costly redesign of supply chains

Digitalization, globalization, sustainability and the current pandemic are all forcing companies to strategically reassess their business priorities. Supply Chain Media has asked a number of supply chain directors and high potentials for their reactions to …



Supply chain scale-up in the spotlight: BigMile

BigMile partly originates from the Lean & Green CO2 reduction programme. The business was founded in the Netherlands in 2018 to address the problem of calculating the carbon footprint generated by transport activities. Working conform the …

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Post-Brexit supply chain problems worsen in UK

Tighter immigration rules since Brexit have compounded the labour shortage in the UK. Combined with the ongoing effects of the pandemic, this means that many companies are experiencing supply chain issues such as delivery problems …

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