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The key to success lies in operations

In the space of one week, Amazon and Microsoft announced layoffs affecting 20,000 people. This sent shockwaves in Seattle, a city that has been living in a tech bubble for the past decade or so. …



Groenewout acquired by Germany’s EPG Consulting

Dutch supply chain consulting firm Groenewout is being acquired by the German firm EPG Consulting. By joining forces, the two companies hope to further strengthen their market position and expand their client portfolio, both in …

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Recording webinar

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Recording webinar ‘Supply chain start ups in Europe drive innovation’

Compared with a year ago, start-ups in Europe are finding it more difficult to raise capital. Supply chain start-ups, however, appear to be the exception to the rule. Together with Markus Börner (Prequel Ventures and scm-startups.com) and …

customer enablement


Gartner: ‘‘Customer enablement will become the norm within five years’’

Supply chain organizations that empower customers to do things themselves are twice as likely to receive repeat orders than companies that focus purely on customer satisfaction or convenience, according to new research by analyst firm …

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Consulting Subway Map 2023

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Consulting Subway Map 2023: Thriving in a VUCA world

Just as in 2021, most European consulting firms did very well last year, with over 80% generating more profit in 2022 than in the previous year. When 29 consulting firms were asked what types of …


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Wehkamp to stop offering free returns

Customers of Dutch mail-order company and online retailer Wehkamp will soon have to pay to send back unwanted items as the company attempts to reduce the huge amount of returns it receives. Although Wehkamp is …

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Joost Bous


Joost Bous: ‘‘Accept the increase in disruptions and their impact’’

Cost-cutting is once again the number-one topic in boardrooms right now. Due to the steep rise in inflation, companies are having to pull out all the stops to maintain profitability. During the first online meeting …

Air Up nearshoring

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Air Up moves production to the Netherlands as part of nearshoring strategy

Air Up, a manufacturer of a scent-based flavoured water system revolving around aromatic pods fitted to refillable bottles, has moved production of its pods to the Netherlands. The pods were previously made in China and …

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