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February 2022


events | February 9 2022 | 16:00h

Supply Chain Start-ups in Europe

The corona pandemic has accelerated the search for supply chain start-ups. This is the conclusion of Ludwig Hausmann, Partner Travel,…


events | February 16 2022 | 16:00h

Global Reshoring & Footprint Strategy

To decentralize your manufacturing and distribution or not? More than 60% of the respondents in a new global footprint survey…


events | February 23 2022 | 16:00h

Supply Chain Resilience

Supply Chain Media organises together with TESISQUARE® a Webinar Wednesday about Supply Chain Resilience. TESISQUARE® is a technology partner enabling…

March 2022

eWorld Procurement Supply Chain March 22

events | March 1 2022

eWorld Procurement & Supply

Since 2001, eWorld Procurement & Supply has provided a unique insight into the latest innovations and technologies for senior procurement,…


events | March 30 2022 | 16:00h

Robotic Process Automation

Supply Chain Media organises together with GreyOrange a Webinar Wednesday about Robotic Process Automation. GreyOrange is a global technology company…

April 2022


events | April 13 2022 | 16:00h

Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Supply Chain Media organises together with project44 a Webinar Wednesday about Integrated Business Planning (IBP). project44 is the world’s leading…


events | April 20 2022 | 16:00h

Purchase order tracking

Supply Chain Media organises together with Winddle a Webinar Wednesday about Purchase Order Tracking. Designed by an expert Procurement and…

May 2022


events | May 11 2022 | 16:00h

Prescriptive Analytics & AI

Supply Chain Media organises together with AIMMS a Webinar Wednesday about Prescriptive Analytics & AI. AIMMS is a forward-thinking software…

inNOWvate 2022

events | May 19 2022 | 09:00h

inNOWvate European Supply Chain Event 2022

The finals of the 5th European Supply Chain Start-up Contest will be held on 19 May 2022, once again during…


events | May 25 2022 | 16:00h

Winner Supply Chain Start-up Contest

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