Checklist for Sales & Operations Execution

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Sales & Operations Execution (S&OE) is on the rise. An increasing number of companies are realizing that a more responsive approach to Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is necessary to remain effective in today’s rapidly changing conditions driven by increased competition, complexity and demand volatility. A solid S&OE process is essential to manage short-term operations and to maintain focus on mid-term tactical planning and decision-making.

Many companies still manage short-term operations through their S&OP/Integrated Business Planning (IBP) process, simply focusing on the next month instead of the typical 3- to 18-month horizon for which the process is intended. This leads to firefighting situations with a doubly negative effect. First of all, the S&OP/IBP process is not suitable for the short term because it is too rigid and doesn’t lend itself well to quick decision-making. Secondly, using it for the short-term planning takes time and energy away from mid-term tactical planning, which is crucial to run a business effectively. Therefore, having a solid S&OE process in place can significantly enhance the strength of the S&OP/IBP process.

Preparing to execute

Companies should make a clear distinction between how to manage the short-term and mid-term planning. The S&OP/IBP process delivers a sound tactical plan that serves as input for the short term. The S&OE process bridges the gap between this tactical plan and the day-to-day execution. It is where the final preparation for execution takes place. The S&OE process should therefore facilitate quick decision-making on a detailed level. It has to run at a high frequency and involve people who have the mandate to make decisions, based on clear guidelines. Escalation to senior management should only be necessary in exceptional cases.

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The supply chain consulting firm Involvation and Supply Chain Media have created this practical checklist for Sales & Operations Execution. Answer these 10 questions to evaluate your organization’s S&OE process.

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