Supply Chain Movement 38 | Sustainability & Trends

Profile Joost Bous Action

The main theme of the Q3 issue of the quarterly Supply Chain Movement is Sustainability & Trends. How will the current worldwide recession affect companies’ progress on their unavoidable sustainability journey? Will a focus on costs perhaps slow them down or will they carry on regardless? Some changes in consumer behaviour during the coronavirus crisis have already supported the shift towards greater sustainability, but will these changes be permanent during a lengthy economic crisis?

12 | Profile Joost Bous, Supply Chain Director, Action

Despite lacking both supply chain and retail experience, Joost Bous joined a rapidly growing retail chain that needed to completely overhaul its supply chain. The traditional method of replenishing stores by ordering products from the DC was not only no longer effective, but was actually inhibiting growth. What has he done over the past two years to Action’s supply chain from a restricting factor into a business enabler?

19 | Roadmap to supply chain resilience planning

Many manufacturers and retailers have experienced the stress, service problems, and financial costs of business disruptions caused by unforeseen external events. Resilience planning is an essential tool for managing the impacts of disruption.

20 | Management: Data science unlocks unexpected insights

Data science provides extra insight into parts of the supply chain that standard software can’t reach, whether in the area of manufacturing, warehousing, forecasting or inventory management. In order to get ahead, companies will need to invest in process mining, machine learning, deep learning or other forms of artificial intelligence. One key question they face is how to organize it: with their own team of data specialists or via an external supplier?

28 | Trend Compass 2020

Trend Compass 2020 identifies pandemic as new megatrend. The coronavirus crisis is clearly accelerating digitalization within companies in the Netherlands, according to Supply Chain Media’s extensive research for the Trend Compass 2020 study. The survey of 122 Dutch supply chain directors and managers reveals that pandemics, such as the current COVID-19 outbreak, have a lasting impact on corporate strategies and innovation. Differences are already emerging in innovation per strategy.

47 | Checklist for strategic shipments

Delivery reliability plays a key role in improving customer service. In the context of containarized cargo, demurrage and detention are two crucial cost items that can become a huge problem for customers if they do not control their shipments carefully.

And trend vision interviews with Involvation, Blueridge, Oracle, Every Angle, Zetes, Rhenus and Arvato.

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