Supply Chain Movement issue 24 – Trends & Consulting

Contents Supply Chain Movement 24 – 2017 Q1

Date of appearance: March 3rd, 2017

 6 | News & Background

  • IFS World Conference in Gothenburg
  • Winner of last quarter: VDL Nedcar
  • Loser of last quarter: Peugeot
  • International SAP Conference in Extended Supply Chain & IoT
  • Tesla Gears Up Gigafactory for LAUNCH of Model 3

 12 |  SCM Consulting Map Europe 2017

The market of supply chain consulting is growing in europe. niche consulting firms are becoming more international and are opening new offices across europe and in the usa. following on from its other two highly popular subway maps of supply chain software vendors and logistics service providers, the quarterly magazine Supply Chain Movement has now published the fourth edition of the Consulting subway Map europe showing the european supply chain consultancy sector.

14  |  Profile Perry Buenen, SVP of Business Operations, Canon

“Implementing a major change only makes sense when the company is ready for it,” says Perry Buenen, of Canon europe. He joined the company nine years ago and soon recognised the need to transform the logistics orientated supply chain into an integrated business operations function. It was a long journey, however, with top level agreement from the emeA board he was able to position the transition within Canon as a company programme not just a supply chain programme. He created a team, with the right mind set and attitude, representing all main functions in the offer to cash process. “to make it work it’s critical not to only focus on process and systems but create your ‘dream team’ that can take care of change management throughout the transformation,” says Buenen. “Strategy is one thing; but a successful execution makes the difference.”

20 |  Management: from an inside-out to an outside-in perspective

Where can we find the new technologies and business models that are going to dominate our market? that’s the question many companies are asking themselves now that new disruptions are emerging in ever-quicker succession. many organizations aren’t satisfied with simply keeping their eyes peeled. they are taking on new teams or creating new roles, all with one aim: to be quick to spot and capitalize on new developments.

26 |  Mindmap Digital Supply Chains 4.0

Digital technology is disrupting traditional businesses and their supply chains. The Internet of Things, big data analysis, augmented/virtual reality, 3D printing and robotization will all have a huge impact on supply chain strategies. The main challenge is how to make digital technology part of truly integrated, redesigned supply chains rather than something that is simply added to existing processes and operations. Together with Professor Carlos Cordon, the LEGO Professor of Supply Chain Management at IMD Business School in Lausanne, Supply Chain Movement has created a mindmap for digital supply chains 4.0, including road signs indicating potential hazards along the way.

28 |  Management: growing frequency of supply chain design reviews

the result of the Brexit vote, the bankruptcy of Hanjin, the attacks on foreign firms in ethiopia – numerous recent incidents illustrate that supply chains are under pressure. In combination with fundamental changes such as the digital transformation and the growing need for knowledge, this is forcing companies to review their supply chain set-up more often than before. It is increasingly common for a supply chain design study to be an annual activity. How should you approach that organizationally?

35 |  Fact & Figures: digital supply chains

37 |  Checklist Production Control

Effective production management contributes to achieving the company goals. However, manufacturing companies regularly face challenges such as disappointing customer experiences and excessive costs. All too often it becomes apparent that long lead times are still too short, high inventories are still too low and substantial capacities are still insufficient. these are all signs that production management is mismatched with the product, the market and the value proposition.

38 |  Tools & Technology

  • Connector transforms IoT data into concrete actions
  • Insight into degree of digitalization Connector transforms IoT

41 |  Supply Chain Agenda of Michael Liesfeldt

Chemicals companies need to deliver profitable growth in a hyper-competitive and low-growth environment. Many are undergoing mergers and acquisitions in order to survive. Lanxess, the German based global producer of specialty chemicals has undergone significant realignment, including new options for backward integration to strengthen the synthetic rubber business. Michael Liesfeldt has been responsible for realigning the supply chains due to the internal merger of two of the company’s large rubber units.