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Missed business opportunities due to poor communication of sustainability initiatives

Managers in the Dutch manufacturing sector are failing in their communication of sustainability initiatives to their junior colleagues, resulting in companies missing out on opportunities and revenue. This comes at a time when better alignment …

Checklist optimizing the co2 footprint

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Checklist: Optimizing the CO2 footprint

In order to limit global warming, CO2 emissions must be substantially reduced by 2030. Since the logistics sector accounts for 24% of the total CO2 footprint, supply chain and logistics professionals have an important responsibility …

supply chain sustainability

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Complexity is a barrier to supply chain sustainability

Anyone striving to make their supply chain more sustainable must keep their sustainability processes simple, above all else. This became evident during the third edition of the SCM Talkshow featuring Anne van de Poel (Bonduelle) …

ISO standard

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New ISO standard to quantify transport-related carbon emissions

The international standard for assigning CO2 emissions to transport activities in the supply chain is ready. Logistics companies and their service providers can use ISO standard 14083 to unambiguously calculate, allocate and share details of …


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Supply chain scale-up in the spotlight: Sweep

Sweep wants companies to see carbon not as a limitation, but rather as a creative force for innovation and positive growth. Therefore, it is helping customers to confront carbon to get their unique climate journey …


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BISCI: Joining forces for circularity

The fact that achieving a circular society is primarily a matter of joining forces was underlined during the event ‘Dare to be circular’. This event, organized by the Brightlands Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (BISCI) …


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Wehkamp to stop offering free returns

Customers of Dutch mail-order company and online retailer Wehkamp will soon have to pay to send back unwanted items as the company attempts to reduce the huge amount of returns it receives. Although Wehkamp is …

Air Up nearshoring

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Air Up moves production to the Netherlands as part of nearshoring strategy

Air Up, a manufacturer of a scent-based flavoured water system revolving around aromatic pods fitted to refillable bottles, has moved production of its pods to the Netherlands. The pods were previously made in China and …


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Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: Carbmee

Carbmee was founded in Berlin, Germany, in early 2021 with the goal of helping emissions-intensive industries gain visibility of their emissions and take action to reduce them where it matters most. This has translated into …


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Sustainability leads to strategic discussions

Despite the uncertain economic outlook, sustainability remains high on the corporate agenda. But how do you get the entire company – from senior management to shop floor – to work more sustainably? During the Sustainability …

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