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Compliance issue requires cross-functional approach

In addition to all the disruptions in their supply chains, companies face more and more legislation on sustainability. It is not just government agencies that enforce these, but increasingly NGOs and other interest groups. During …

Scope 3 emissions

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‘Supply chain executives cannot reduce Scope 3 emissions single-handedly’

Europe’s largest companies are required to annually report on their supply chain-related carbon emissions. Is it the job of the chief supply chain officer (CSCO) to initiate and support projects to reduce these Scope 3 …


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Start-up Traxed bets on blockchain for sustainability reporting

Founded in 2023, Traxed is a very young company that focuses entirely on collecting sustainability data for compliance with CSRD legislation. Tiziano Tavasanis explains why he founded the company and what he has learned after …

Schneider Electric

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Schneider Electric: ‘‘Sustainability is not a zero-sum game’’

Schneider Electric topped the Global 100, a ranking of the hundred most sustainable companies, in 2021. In that year, the French high-tech company launched a new sustainability strategy with ambitious targets. Crucial to this is …


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Sustainability legislation creates huge new task for GS1

Under ESG legislation, companies have to start recording a long list of sustainability data. In this context, standardization organization GS1 has an important task to fulfil. Moreover, by introducing a new QR code, as the …


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Start-up Pelt8 helps gather sustainability data from supply chain partners

Swiss-based Pelt8, founded three years ago, offers companies a SaaS tool to easily collect sustainability data from supply chain partners. From the tool, reports can automatically be created that comply with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting …

due diligence directive

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EU countries vote against corporate due diligence directive

European Member States unexpectedly voted against the corporate sustainability due diligence directive. This EU directive would require businesses to vet their supply chains for abuses such as child labour or environmental pollution. Back in December, negotiators …

Anne van de Poel, Bonduelle

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Anne van de Poel, Bonduelle: “Supply chain facilitates our growth strategy”

Rooted in the land, producing vegetables together with partner farmers and in close proximity to consumers – that has been the strategy of French family-owned company Bonduelle since 1853. This approach preserves the freshness of …


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Heineken explores electric transport for cross-border freight

Heineken is exploring electric freight transport on the route between the brewery in the Dutch city of Den Bosch and the distribution centre in Duisburg, Germany. This is expected to help the brewery reduce carbon …

Pierre Mille, Versuni

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Pierre Mille, Versuni: “All our supply chain strategies are built on product circularity”

As Supply Chain Lead at fast-growing business Versuni, Pierre Mille has a huge amount on his agenda. Previously known as Philips Domestic Appliances, Versuni is one of the last spin-offs from Royal Philips. The product …

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