bike industry

Sustainability, Trends

European bicycle industry is pooling knowledge on supply chain resilience

Cycling Industries Europe (CIE), the umbrella trade organization representing the bike industry in Europe, has started pooling its combined knowledge on supply chain resilience and raw materials. By doing so, CIE aims to address the …

Scope 3 emissions

Sustainability, Trends

Businesses must get to work on Scope 3 emissions

Businesses will soon be expected to report on their Scope 3 emissions. To be more precise, they will need to obtain carbon emissions data from their suppliers, customers and logistics service providers. Sending them lengthy …


Sustainability, Trends

Makersite raises €18M in investment

Makersite, a supply chain digital twin platform that helps major brands worldwide to improve their product sustainability, manage risks and optimize costs, has raised €18 million in a new round of funding. The German start-up …

Air Up

Sustainability, Trends

Nearshoring strategy brings Air Up to the Netherlands

Air Up and Kuehne+Nagel have expanded their partnership with a new e-fulfilment centre in the Dutch town of Veghel. This is an important step in the nearshoring strategy of Air Up, the innovative beverage system …

Recording webinar

Planning, Software, Sustainability, Trends, Webinar Recording

Webinar recording ‘Managing trade-offs in strategic supply chain decision making’

As a supply chain leader, how do you manage your stakeholders when facing conflicting KPIs? Sustaining revenue growth often requires making the supply chain more efficient. But how can you make sure that an improvement in …

digital product passport

Sustainability, Trends

Digital product passport to boost circular supply chain

As part of regulations from Brussels, every unique product in Europe will be required to have a digital product passport which contains all the information needed to reuse, repair or recycle it. During the GS1 …

supply chain directors

Sustainability, Trends

The Prediction: Supply chain directors will find themselves unprepared for their sustainability tasks

The ongoing droughts around the world are causing major supply chain problems. As a result, sustainability is gaining ever more prominence on companies’ strategic agendas. Supply Chain Media has asked a number of supply chain …

Net Positive

Books, Sustainability

‘Net Positive’ is an absolute must-read for every manager

There has been a revolution in the world of management books. Whereas in the past they were mainly about improving performance, being agile and becoming more efficient, today they are invariably about reducing the carbon …

Circular Supply Chain

Books, Sustainability

Easy-to-read book about supply chain circularity

Supply chain circularity is not an easy topic, but Deborah Dull succeeds in bringing it to life with a sense of humour in the cheerful and light-hearted book 'Circular Supply Chain'. “Circularity is a great, big, …

goat trail

Blogs, Sustainability

Supply chain ecosystems

The world is being plagued by exceptional droughts and heavy, very localized, flooding. According to the European Drought Observatory, Europe is drier than it has ever been in the past 500 years. The climate is …

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