Lidl adds its own rail transport company


Supermarket chain Lidl already had its own shipping company – Tailwind Shipping Lines – and has now added its own rail transport company: Tailwind Intermodal. The rail company is focused on the hinterland transport of goods arriving at the Slovenian port of Koper. With this new initiative, Lidl is optimizing its European distribution network.

Koper is strategically the most important port for the Tailwind Shipping Lines shipping company. Its vessels transport goods on the Panda Express route from China. Tailwind Intermodal will now be responsible for onward transport to the hinterland, as well as returning empty containers to the port, according to Lidl.

Up to five train connections daily

For freight transport, Tailwind Intermodal can rely on a network of partners. There are up to five train connections daily to the Cargo Center Graz in the Austrian province of Styria. Goods are stored there in a warehouse located directly at the terminal.

“Thanks to its strategic location between the Adriatic and Baltic states, the cargo centre provides an ideal connection to Eastern Europe,” reports Lidl. For the supermarket chain, it means that lead times are significantly reduced, enabling faster store replenishment.

Resilience throughout the supply chain

By combining sea freight and hinterland transport, Lidl aims to improve performance in the chain between China and Europe. “Our aim is to ensure resilience throughout the supply chain, from organizing and coordinating sea transport to reloading freight trains, palletizing and truck deliveries to the loading platform at the final destination,” Lidl said.