Descartes afbeelding whitepaper TMS

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Whitepaper: The 4 key points to take full advantage of a TMS

A transport management system (TMS) is the best way to keep a grip on your logistics supply chain. The software provides insight into transport flows, expected arrival times, transport performance and logistics costs. More comprehensive …

Jonathon Karelse

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Jonathon Karelse: ”Why do we forecast the way we do?”

From the Oracle of Delphi right through to Box/Jenkins and from exponential smoothing to S&OP, no stone of business forecasting history is left unturned in the book called Histories of the Future, published by the …


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Belgian scale-up helps JDE to take pioneering step in digital planning

Many companies are starting to enter a new phase in digital planning by applying machine learning. One of them is international coffee and tea manufacturer JacobsDouweEgberts (JDE). With its existing SAP APO tool due to …

supply Chain Network Design to Reduce Emissions

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Model sustainability trade-offs in Supply Chain Network Design to reduce emissions

Amid a tumultuous period, supply chains are even more under scrutiny following the global climate change conference in Glasgow. The outcome set the stage for a global emissions trading scheme. This agreement also puts CO2 …

late online deliveries

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Increase in delays: half of all consumers encounter late online deliveries

The logistics sector is feeling the effects of the labour shortage. The battle to recruit and retain staff has begun, with carriers now offering employment contracts to delivery drivers. Meanwhile, consumers are already experiencing delays. …

S&OP Subway map

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S&OP Subway Map: A journey from strategy to schedule

Sales & Operations Planning and the more extensive Integrated Business Planning are both decision-making processes that aim to proactively balance demand and supply. But how does an S&OP process actually work? Especially in large organizations, …

machine learning

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The Prediction: By 2026 more than 50% of supply chain organizations will use machine learning

Technologies related to control towers, visibility and machine learning are in the spotlight when it comes to supply chain planning. Supply Chain Media asked a number of international supply chain directors for their reactions to …


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Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: Garvis

Garvis is on a mission to make the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for forecasting and demand planning easy, accessible and explainable, while keeping the planners in control. The company has developed a bionic planning solution …

Checklist for network design

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Checklist for network design

A company's ability to evaluate multiple 'what-if' scenarios and make rapid decisions with a high level of confidence is what keeps supply chains moving during disruptions like COVID-19. But what can you do if you …


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Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: Searoutes

Searoutes was founded against the backdrop of expectations that the maritime trade volume will triple and transport-related carbon emissions will increase fourfold by 2050. Spotting an opportunity to replace outdated spreadsheets with its data-rich API, …

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