Recording: Broadcast ‘Trends in Supply Chain’

Recording: Broadcast 'Trends in Supply Chain'

How to visualize the world and its increasing complexity?

Many companies are still struggling with the unforeseen consequences of the coronavirus crisis and the war in Ukraine. Martijn Lofvers urges them to run through scenarios and to take the same approach as the military: to analyse how the war in Ukraine and other geopolitical frictions will affect business operations and model the scenarios that could occur.

Lofvers also urges them to visualize their ecosystems. “And look beyond the linear supply chains we all know from textbooks with just suppliers and customers. Bottlenecks can occur anywhere in the ecosystem in which companies operate. That ecosystem consists not only of suppliers and customers, but also co-packers, logistics service providers and transport companies. And don’t forget that banks, governments and NGOs exert increasing influence. If you try to visualize the entire ecosystem, you will have a much better view of where the friction is.”

During the live broadcast on ‘Trends in Supply Chain’, Martijn Lofvers discussed the increasing complexity of supply chains with several guest speakers. And how could supply chain directors – and their supplying partners – get back their grip on operations?

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