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Huge shortage of European logistics real estate

The supply of logistics real estate in Europe is extremely tight, due to a severe shortage of development sites and strict regulations on nitrogen emissions. This conclusion comes from the latest Global Logistics Outlook 2021, …


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Circularity needed in ICT supply chain to significantly reduce waste

As the digital transformation of society continues, the Dutch ICT supply chain is generating a continuous flow of written-off hardware. To improve sustainability, it is crucial to promote circularity in the ICT supply chain. This …


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COVID-19: virtually all supply chains have been impacted to some degree

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, 77% of supply chain executives thought they were at least somewhat prepared to face a major supply chain disruption. However, the majority of supply chains have suffered a 25% or …

Lora Cecere

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The importance of meaningful work in the supply chain talent discussion

The COVID-19 pandemic has substantially changed the culture of work and the nature of the talent discussion. Many employees are working from home and using online meeting formats. However, there is still at least one …


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COVID-19 breeding ground for geopolitical risks

The COVID-19 pandemic is reinforcing existing geopolitical risks, according to the Aon Risk Maps 2020. Economic and political nationalism is growing, partly due to the measures aimed at combating the coronavirus crisis. Moreover, the resilience …

pharmaceutical industry

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Even the pharmaceutical industry can no longer escape cost pressure

For many years, the pharmaceutical industry has not had to worry about supply chain efficiency thanks to sky-high margins. That period is now over, concludes consultancy firm Miebach on the basis of its ‘Pharma and …


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Digital transformation in the CPG industry needs to accelerate

Even though a quarter of consumer packaged goods (CPG) factories have digital-ready infrastructure in place, only 2% are effectively using tech-augmented workforce or automated material flow, according to the newly released ‘Factory of the Future …

online shops

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Coronavirus is now causing supply chain problems for online shops too

More than half (60%) of online shops in Europe are experiencing supply chain problems due to the coronavirus outbreak, according to new research by Ecommerce Europe. This is sometimes due to limitations in the import …

smart supply chain

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Companies are lagging behind in smart supply chain investment

Over three quarters of all companies lack the skills and capabilities to further digitalize their supply chains. As a result, they risk missing out on major benefits, such as better alignment with customer demand, significant …

circular economy

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70% of supply chain leaders plan to invest in the circular economy

The large majority – 70% – of supply chain leaders are planning to invest in the circular economy over the next 18 months, according to a recent survey by international research and advisory firm Gartner. …

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