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Pharma End to End 2018 Europe

Changing global political landscapes, economic crises, social involvement and technological innovations over the past few years have created lasting impacts on the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Process. From Brexit implications on the EMA and UK pharmaceutical …


Supply Chain Movement Q3 2012: special E-fulfilment

CONTENTS Theme: E-fulfilment > Download Supply Chain Movement 7  | News & Background 10 | Profile Neil Humphrey, Unilever Since announcing Unilever’s bold sustainability targets for halving its environmental impact by 2020 and doubling its revenue, the company’s business leaders …


Delivery time is a matter of choice

Did you ever wonder why you are confronted with long and unreliable delivery times, while in essence it really can not take that much time to produce those materials? If not, well pity, because you …


Experiential learning (learning by doing)

Taking advantage of the slightly slowed-down level of activity in the last two weeks (not the crisis, but the holidays around me!), I’m in the process of reviewing a lot of the teaching materials about …


New research project MIT and PwC: Supply chain risk management

Companies are conducting business in a changing and largely unpredictable environment. This has always been the case. What has changed over recent years? Introduction of new business models and value propositions, increasing industry clock-speeds, global …


Fashion and lifestyle companies need a new business model

The report; Migrating Towards a Cross-Channel High Speed End-to-End Value Chain, from supply chain consultants Buck Consultants International was commissioned by DHL Supply Chain, the global market leader in the contract logistics industry. The report is …

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