Whitepaper Global Transportation Management Benchmark Survey 2023

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Discover the transportation management strategies, tactics and technology that top performers are leveraging to capitalize on market opportunities and adapt to challenges of a constantly evolving supply chain landscape.

About the survey

Since 2017, Descartes has conducted an annual benchmark survey of global transportation professionals to identify the strategies, tactics and technology-thinking of top-performing organizations. Survey participants represent a wide range of industry leaders including Descartes customers and followers, trade association members and industry publication readers to provide a balanced view of transportation management (TM). Only the last five years of results are used to keep the study relevant.

Each year our benchmark survey

  • Explores how companies view the role of TM
  • Identifies key industry trends driving the market
  • Examines how transportation value is measured
  • Uncovers which capabilities, technologies, and competitive strategies/tactics are making the greatest impact
  • Provides the outlook for future IT investment

The 2023 survey: Transportation management in transition

Late 2022 set the stage for 2023 for many economies and transportation. Consumers pulled back from the buying spree of the previous two years. Higher costs, especially energy and commodities, and inflation have been big reasons for slower economic growth and, in some countries, recession. The cost of ocean and air transportation receded as capacity opened up; however, driver shortages continue to impact over-the-road capacity and reliability. Transportation leaders are focused on addressing the capability shortfalls that were exposed during the pandemic such as shipment visibility. Top performers continue to take more aggressive actions to turn these transportation management challenges into opportunities to become more competitive and grow.

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