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How can a company that wants to innovate choose between the large number of innovative supply chain software solutions? The two most important criteria continue to be the customer need – including the associated buying behaviour – and the company’s choice of competitive business strategy. At the inNOWvate Supply Chain Event in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, on 22 May, various suppliers will be presenting their innovative solutions including numerous real-life customer cases.

Customers are driving a shift to omnichannel retailing, which also requires omnichannel supply chains. Software company Slimstock will be explaining how retailers can translate the customer journey into a corresponding supply chain, including the crucial role for inventory management. It will also explore how a more effective supply chain approach based on structured portfolio management, taking account of the product life cycles, can reduce waste.

A new way to plan

Many companies still utilize Excel spreadsheets to make up for the lack of functionality in planning software. Anaplan will be revealing how Connected Planning enables the company-specific calculations from internal spreadsheets to be recorded in a robust, accessible platform that is connected to existing business applications. This makes it easier for a company to utilize all the relevant data and quickly evaluate various scenarios as the basis for cross-disciplinary and company-wide decision-making. Meanwhile, Solventure will be presenting a clear step-by-step guide to help companies evolve from Sales & Operations Planning to Integrated Business Planning.

Logistics control towers

Many companies are looking for a logistics control tower solution, but in reality control rooms themselves are made up of different types of solutions. Informore offers a solution in which brand owners worldwide can consolidate shipments and hence increase their delivery frequency and flexibility. Pro Alliance, winner of the European Supply Chain Scale-up Contest in 2018, will be demonstrating how inbound logistics can be substantially improved by using machine learning on all kinds of incoming messages. Shippeo and its partner SupplyStack offer a real-time transport management system based on supply chain visibility. Alternatively, companies can outsource their transport activities to an independent 4PL control tower such as the one offered by IDS without relinquishing control over the logistics process.

Pincvision will be illustrating that trade compliance is a crucial aspect of cross-border supply chains. Riskmethods uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyse huge volumes of business communication worldwide and identifies the potential supply chain-related risks for companies. This timely information enables companies to anticipate better in order to continue to safeguard the supply chain flow.

Gender diversity and innovation

Research has revealed that gender diversity fosters innovation within companies. With that in mind Beth Morgan, originally from the international research and advisory company Gartner, has launched a global community for women in supply chain. Female supply chain professionals can now use the platform called Boom! to share knowledge and experience in order to enhance their roles and advance their careers.

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