Europa Flow makes exports to UK easier

Europa Flow

Since Brexit, the complexity of the customs process has been a problem for exporters. This has led to much less trade from the EU to the United Kingdom (UK) than before Brexit. An innovative delivery duty paid (DDP) service from Europa Road now makes it much easier for Benelux companies to serve the UK market. Demand for this service, called Europa Flow, is therefore growing strongly.

Europa Road, as an operator specializing in groupage, part loads and full loads, reports that Europa Flow now accounts for 56% of total groupage exports. Using a combination of DDP, deferred VAT accounting and pre-filed returns, the service makes it much easier for companies based in the Benelux to export to the UK.

Europa Road’s parent company, headquartered in the UK, developed and introduced Europa Flow in 2021. It invested €5.8 million in the system, which manages all customs formalities so that goods are not delayed by extra paperwork and customers do not face unexpected extra costs. Europa Flow combines cutting-edge technology with customs expertise on both sides of the Channel.

Easing the administrative workload

“The usage of Europa Flow is growing steadily every month, with February’s usage figures being the highest since we launched the service. For us, this is clear evidence that Europa Flow is what Benelux needs. Our customers are generally medium-sized companies that regularly export to the UK, but are not large enough to set up their own customs entity in the UK,” states Jack Baxter, Regional Sales Manager for Benelux.

“Most companies simply do not have the ability to have customs clearance on the UK side of the Channel handled by specialist finance teams. But by using DDP incoterms with Europa Flow, customs declarations and import duties are handled before collection, easing the costly, complex administrative workload. This service helps us protect trade from the Netherlands and Belgium and improves services to the UK.”

Proven solution

The UK left the European Union for good on 31 January 2020. In the years that followed, trade from the EU to the UK fell by a reported 18%. It is now increasing again somewhat. “Despite the growing demand, we still encounter numerous companies that have stopped trading with Britain because of the customs challenge. However, we can now offer a concrete and field-tested solution that is used in a wide range of industries, from components to finished products,” says Baxter.

Europa Road was previously called Continental Cargo Carriers and changed its name in 2022. Originally based in Ostend, Belgium, the company opened an additional office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in February 2023.