whitepaper warehouse optimization

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Whitepaper: The why and how of warehouse optimization

Anyone working in supply chain operations would agree that recent years has brought a range of new challenges. A booming e-commerce and the rise of omni-channel strategies constantly add complexity, and customer expectations of fast …

Shell has fluctuating demand levels

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Shell integrates supply chain visibility

Shell has fluctuating demand levels for labour and materials at its oil platforms and refineries. Meeting those needs ‘just in time’ requires an effective, integrated approach to the management phases Plan, Source and Deliver, but …

black swan

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Black swan drives demand for new technology

Although virologists have long warned about viruses, the COVID-19 outbreak still came as a complete surprise to the vast majority of companies. To them, it was the ‘black swan’ event that had only existed in …

supply chain strategy

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Producers and retailers plan to overhaul their supply chain strategy in the near future

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a sizable majority (66%) of consumer goods manufacturers and retailers plan to make major changes to their supply chain strategy in the next three years in order to improve …


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Unilever saves money by investing in sustainability

Unilever has saved US$1.5 billion in costs since 2008 by sourcing more sustainably, according to the Anglo-Dutch multinational’s ‘Full Year 2020 Results & Strategic Refresh’ publication. In the report, CEO Alan Jope writes that he …

black swan

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Supply Chain Movement 40 | Resilience & Talent

The main theme of the Q1, 2021 issue of quarterly Supply Chain Movement is Resilience & Talent. This issue will appear digitally on March 4 and will be received in hard-copy on March 5. 10 | …

supply chain visibility

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Supply chain visibility really does improve profit

Investments in supply chain digitalization really do improve the bottom line. Research by PwC shows that digital champions’ investments generate 8% additional revenue and reduce costs by 7%. And it is a similar story for …

software decision

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Software decision should depend on maturity

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain management is at the top of the management board’s priority list, second only to employee safety. Most companies have been hit hard on both the supply side and …

Recording webinar

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Recording webinar End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain Media and PwC organized a webinar about End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility. End-to-end visibility across the entire supply chain — from materials to customers and back, and all the steps in between — is a …

Recording webinar

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On-demand webinar: Yard Management

In conjunction with Peripass and Refresco, Supply Chain Media recently held a webinar on yard management. Yard management is an essential aspect of end-to-end supply chain visibility. Many companies have already taken steps to streamline and …

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