Circular Tree

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Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: CircularTree

Companies often have little to no reliable information about the environmental and social impact of their supply chain, especially beyond their direct suppliers. CircularTree was founded in Berlin in 2018 with the aim of creating …


Sustainability, Trends, Visibility

Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: AFTS

AFTS UG was established in Berlin, Germany, just last year as an interoperable blockchain-based track & trace platform solution. It is aimed at enabling businesses to develop sustainable supply chains and achieve their sustainability goals. The …


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COVID-19 accelerated IoT adoption in transport and logistics

COVID-19 has been a catalyst for the application of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the transportation and logistics sector. As a result of the pandemic, 90% of transportation and logistics companies have accelerated or …

circular supply chains

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The Statement: Circular supply chains will be hampered by a lack of visibility

Digitalization, globalization, sustainability and the current pandemic are all forcing companies to strategically reassess their business priorities. Supply Chain Media has asked a number of supply chain directors and high potentials for their reactions to …

Trend Vision Oracle - Cloud Solutions headshot

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Trend vision Oracle: Vulnerability drives end-to-end supply chain digitalization

Today’s supply chains are more difficult to predict than ever before. As a result, organizations need to become flexible in dealing with unexpected changes. This is driving accelerated digitalization, with a move to the cloud …

flow management

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Supply Chain Movement 41 | Planning & IT

The main theme of the Q2, 2021 issue of quarterly Supply Chain Movement is Planning & IT. This issue appeared digitally on June 10 and has been received in hard-copy on June 11.  12 | Profile …

DS Smith

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Real-time visibility gives DS Smith a tighter grip on paper flows

Packaging producer DS Smith has installed Sixfold’s tool to gain real-time insight into its transport flows. During a recent webinar by Supply Chain Media in collaboration with Sixfold and Transporeon, DS Smith’s Head of Logistics …

IT Subway Map Europe 2021

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IT Subway Map Europe 2021 shows dynamic shifts

Europe’s supply chain software market went through a quiet period in the early phase of the coronavirus pandemic, but we are now seeing a large number of acquisitions, newcomers and collaborative partnerships. According to our …

Supply network visibility and collaboration are crucial to reduce supply chain risks

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Supply network visibility and collaboration are crucial to reduce supply chain risks

Companies are facing an everbroader range of supply chain risks, from natural disasters to cyberattacks, yet many businesses are struggling to formulate a solid strategy in response. It is no longer possible to address all …

Checklist for predictive tracking

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Checklist for predictive tracking

As visibility becomes increasingly fundamental to transportation and logistics operations, predictive estimated times of arrival (ETAs) are entering the picture to reduce transportation costs and improve margins. While the industry has functioned with loose ETA …

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