Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: Chainstack


Chainstack was founded in Singapore in 2017 by Eugene Aseev and Laurent Dedenis (pictured) to address the challenges of enterprise blockchain adoption and integration. The start-up’s mission is to remove the technical and business barriers of using blockchain networks in the enterprise environment so that building, deploying, managing and orchestrating decentralized blockchain-enabled applications becomes as simple and cost-effective as creating a modern web service, ultimately facilitating the wider adoption of blockchain.

Chainstack’s multi-cloud and multi-protocol ‘Platform as a Service’ solution gives business consortiums the flexibility to experiment with multiple blockchain protocols and cloud service providers, all from a single intuitive user interface. This makes it easier for them to integrate solutions into existing enterprise business functions, and create decentralized networks across multiple parties operating multiple systems. This reduces the cost, technical complexity and time associated with testing, implementing and adopting blockchain-based solutions.

Modern-day security

The platform addresses the multi-dimensional aspect of modern-day security, and also gives users a rich view into several areas of their blockchain networks. Data related to projects, consortium participants, nodes and transaction activity is provided through logs and blockchain-specific explorers. Combined, the set of monitoring and reporting tools provides both business and IT users with the information they need to run and audit a blockchain consortium.

Chainstack has received over €1 million in funding and currently employs 15 people. Its key focus is on enterprise customers in supply chain, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, automotive, travel & transportation, and retail & consumer goods, as well as system integrators, consulting companies and developers.