Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: Shipnext


Shipnext is a digital automated shipping marketplace and network that creates efficient, secure and reliable cargo-to-ship matching, ocean and road freight trading, smart contracting and documentation flow, including for heavy, oversized, break-bulk, dry-bulk and wet-bulk cargo. To address the lack of global standardization and incorrect views of container transport, the company set out to build a Google Maps solution for cargo transportation.

The solution is designed to optimize and increase the efficiency of cargo transportation and makes use of blockchain technology, linear programming, artificial intelligence and natural language programming. The aim is to create a new ecosystem for the whole supply chain with one common standard and algorithm-based approach. Including fully automated e-mail processing, Shipnext can also be used as a centralized or internal ‘ready-to-use’ reverse freight-trading platform, an internal e-mail processing and smart e-mailing solution, a digital ‘bridge’ between the internal e-mail solution and various freight-trading platforms and as a smart algorithm-based digital ‘bridge’ between companies and overseas branches.

Global Grain Award 2018

Since being founded by Alexander Varvarenko (pictured) in Ukraine in 2017, Shipnext has served close to 2,500 clients including Mjunction, Agility and Tata Steel, and is handling close to 1,500 daily cargo and freight requests across 5,500 ports. The company, which currently has 20 employees, participated in the bootcamp organized by accelerator Bootup Ventures and won the Global Grain Award 2018. The head office is based in Malta, and as part of its internationalization plans the company has recently opened an office in Menlo Park in California’s Silicon Valley. Over the months and years ahead, Shipnext intends to add containerized cargo to the marketplace, integrate land and air transportation, and integrate ports, terminals and warehouses as well as banks and insurance providers.