Supply Chain Movement issue 35 – Global Visibility

Contents Supply Chain Movement 35 – 2019 Q4

Date of appearance: November 29, 2019

6 | News & Background

The world is becoming increasingly unpredictable and unforeseen changes pose new risks for globalized supply chains. To create more certainty, companies should use scenario planning to view risks from various perspectives, said Eugenie Molyneux, Chief Risk Officer of Commercial Insurance at Zurich Insurance, during the SCRM Summit held in Hamburg on 15 October.

10 | 3PL Subway Map Europe

Logistics service providers worldwide seem to be riding high on an economic wave, mainly thanks to the growth of e-commerce. but that growth is also giving international e-tailers such as Amazon and Zalando a stronger foothold in the logistics market. In fact, Amazon is poised to become a competitor of 3PLs. To keep pace with the ever-increasing supply chain complexity, logistics service providers need to up their investment in IT. At the same time, they are under pressure from start-ups offering innovative solutions enabling customers (shippers) themselves to organize their own freight flows. The seventh edition of Supply Chain Movement’s 3PL Subway Map of Europe reflects the first signs of these changes.

12 | Profile Carsten Rasmussen, COO of the Lego Group

Tough but fair, caring and open are words Carsten Rasmussen uses to describe his management style. The COO of the Lego Group, headquartered in Billund, was recently named the most influential supply chain-leader in Denmark for 2019 by Supply Chain Management. It’s an achievement arrived at through his cross disciplinary experience, a passion for the job and his ability to build complete trust in his close knit team. He encourages them to take risks and celebrate both the successes and the failures. In an environment that “offers the chance of constant discovery and the possibility to create something new every time” you’d imagine it’s always fun. However, there are also challenges to be addressed. Adjusting to the Lego mission of using sustainable materials in all core products and packaging by 2030 and the rise in personalised, direct-to-consumer sales brings many challenges and opportunities. “You need to be broad in your thinking, in your interests, and with your colleagues,” says Rasmussen.

18 | Management: End-to-end supply chain visibility

End-to-end supply chain visibility – insight both into interruptions in your suppliers’ supply chains as far afield as Asia and into the actual needs of European consumers – is every supply chain manager’s dream. There have been few real-life examples of success so far, but that now seems to be changing. The latest control tower solutions on the market do more than just show the GPS coordinates of trucks and container ships.

25 | Facts & Figures: Supply chain visibility

26 | Machine Learning and AI in films

Countless companies are exploring the potential use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in their supply chains. Five films and a tv series could help them to better understand these technologies and their implications.

28 | Management: Supply chain network design

The shift in manufacturing from west to east has noticeably slowed. A production base in a low-wage country is no longer the be-all and end-all. Other factors have become more important in supply chain network design, such as flexibility, responsiveness and resilience. Besides that, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a country with a stable political climate.

35 | Facts & Figures: Impact of Brexit

36 | The Sermon: Repeatedly reassess your network

39 | Process redesign remains the biggest challenge

Companies have an ever-clearer idea of how they want to digitally transform. The number-one aim by far is the virtually autonomous handling, from start to finish, of all the administrative processes that support sales, operations and purchasing. The IFS World Conference provided inspiration for how to go about achieving that.

42 | Top 28 Supply Chain Executives in Europe

The winner of the 2019 edition of the Top 28 Supply Chain Executives in Europe is Carsten Rasmussen, the Chief Operating Officer of Lego Group, based in Billund, Denmark. Rasmussen is a brand-new entrant in the European ranking. However, in September this year, he was also declared the No. 1 supply chain executive in the ‘Danish Dynamite: Top 50 Supply Chain Executives 2019’ list.

47 | Tools & Technology

Solventure’s technology enables companies to achieve strategy-driven sales & operations planning (S&OP). The patented technology has been developed in response to the need for companies to be able to include the financial aspect in their strategic decision-making in order to maximize their profitability.

49 | Agenda of Joachim Hensch (Hugo Boss)

”The implementation of Industry 4.0 remains a challenge.”

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Carsten Rasmussen