Supply Chain Movement issue 31 – Globalization & Visibility

Contents Supply Chain Movement 31 – 2018 Q4
Date of appearance: November 23rd, 2018

6 | News & background

10 | Supply Chain Map Europe

12 | Profile Joost Donkers, FrieslandCampina

When he was younger he wanted to become a vet, but today Joost Donkers feels right at home as Director Supply Chain Business Group Ingredients at FrieslandCampina – the role in which he was also voted Supply Chain Professional 2018. His motto: try to simplify things. “In that context, we’ve thought up ‘four times zero’: zero accidents, zero quality issues, zero missed orders and zero losses. It’s a nice slogan that’s easy for employees to remember.”

18 | Management: Growing need for own network models

We still believe in free trade in Europe, but government leaders elsewhere in the world are increasingly using trade as a political instrument. This is increasing the uncertainty in supply chains, which is creating a growing need for companies themselves to develop supply chain network design expertise. At Novo Nordisk and Heineken, they already have that expertise.

25 | Facts & Figures

27 | Checklist Last Mile Delivery

Accessibility and technology have stimulated the rise of online shopping; e-commerce is more powerful than ever before, and billions of euros’  worth of revenue are generated every day. And even though pure e-tailers are growing rapidly, brick-and-mortar stores are also regaining ground due to the rise of on-demand and same-day delivery. LuckaBox and Supply Chain Movement have drawn up a checklist to clarify whether your company’s last-mile delivery service is optimal.

28 | Management: Views on supply chain visibility

There is a growing need for supply chain visibility, but in what form? Do companies need visibility of the inbound, outbound and/or internal supply chain? And who has full end-to-end supply chain visibility extending beyond their tier one suppliers? Husqvarna, Henkel and Alpro share their insights in this article.

34 | Insight: End-to-End supply chain visibility

Rapid changes in demand and growing suppliers’ risks have made end-to-end supply chain visibility crucial for companies nowadays. To gain a clearer understanding of this concept, it is necessary to distinguish between strategic, tactical and operational visibility and between the long-term and short-term horizon. Supply Chain Media has developed this practical matrix containing specific functionality details for the associated information systems.

37 | Facts & Figures

38 | Top 28 Supply Chain Executives Europe

Supply chain management is about more than just moving goods from A to B. It is focused on value creation and, due to globalization, on managing complex networks through partnerships and collaboration, driven by the supply chain leader’s vision and mission. This year we are pleased to present the 2018 edition of the ‘Top 28 Supply Chain Executives in Europe’. These are the leaders in top supply chain management positions within multinational companies who inspire, innovate and succeed in achieving consistently exceptional results.

43 | Tools & Technology

45 | Supply Chain Agenda of Wim van Aalst

Over its 130-year history the John Lewis Partnership has become a well-established 11 billion pound retail and food business in the UK. Much of its continued success is thanks to the revolutionary ideas of John Spedan Lewis, son of the company’s founder, who in the 1930s turned the family owned business into an employee-owned partnership. This partnership gives employees a fair share of any profits and allows the company to work on its long-term vision, rather than short-term gain. As a result, while other high street retailers in the UK have floundered in recent years the John Lewis Partnership has stayed ahead and thank to its early embracement of multi-channel retailing is enjoying online success. The Partnership has two divisions: John Lewis & Partners, for home furnishing, fashion and electronics, and food retailer Waitrose & Partners. Wim van Aalst, became a member of the Waitrose Management Board two years ago with responsibility for Supply Planning and Distribution of Operations. His role is to develop synergies within the John Lewis Partnership and drive efficiencies in the omni-channel supply chain. At the same time Brexit is an all-consuming issue on the very near horizon.

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