Supply Chain Movement issue 27 – Globalization


Contents Supply Chain Movement 27 – 2017 Q4

Date of appearance: November 24th, 2017

6 |  News & Background

  • Manhattan Exchange Conference in London: ‘Vertical farms next to supermarket DCs would shorten the fresh supply chain’
  • Winner of the last quarter: Gries Deco Company
  • Loser of the last quarter: Tesla

9 |  Snapshots

3pL Summit & Supply Chain Officer Forum Europe

12 |  SCM Map Europe 2017/2018

The unexpectedly strong and sustained growth in europe is leading to changes in international goods flows. Nearshoring is on the rise in eastern europe and morocco at the expense of offshoring in the far east. however, factors such as Brexit, heightened risks of terrorist attacks and political unrest are creating new uncertainties in european supply chains. this sixth consecutive edition of the scm map of europe visualizes the most important economic developments for supply chains.

14 |  Profile Katrin Hanske, Orion Enginering Carbons

Not many companies, let alone chemical companies, have women fully in charge of end-to-end global supply chain. Yet if supply chain requires good communication and collaboration, skills which women tend to be stronger in than men, why are there not more women in the business? katrin Hanske, of orion engineered Carbon, believes they are possibly put off by the perceived amount of analytics. While data analysis is crucial this is far outweighed by the job satisfaction of daily decisionmaking and the ability to have a direct impact on the business, she says. Hanske has full responsibility for the german chemical company’s supply chain. “Choices have to be made every day so we educate people to take those right decisions, every day, every hour. more importantly, regardless of who in my team takes them I have the trust in the consistency of our decision making process built on standardized processes and systems globally.”

20 |  Management: Nearshoring increases supply chain complexity

Now that the use of robots and 3D printers is becoming ever-more common in factories, labour costs are no longer a valid reason for relocating production activities. In fact, because customer demand for personalized products and shorter delivery times continues to rise, it is becoming more interesting to manufacture in europe again. this is significantly increasing the complexity of supply chains.

28 |  Mindmap Risk Management

Globalization is increasing the frequency with which supply chains are affected by disruptions such as natural disasters and epidemics at some link in the chain. Such risk events can have far-reaching consequences and long-lasting impact. Companies must ensure that their supply chains are prepared for such risks. Together with software vendor Riskmethods, Supply Chain Movement has created this mindmap for supply chain risk management, outlining the route with road signs indicating the potential hazards along the way.

30 |  Top 28 Supply Chain Executives Europe 2017

Supply chain management is a people’s business. Like chess, it requires strategy, resources and most importantly, competent and visionary leaders behind the board making the right decisions. For the 3rd consecutive year Supply Chain media evaluated and created a ranking of the Top 28 Supply Chain Executives in Europe.

35 |  Facts & figures

Offshoring and nearshoring of supply chains

36 |  Supply Chain Journey of Ivanka Janssen

Getting your supply chain digitization journey underway.

38 |  Tools & Technology

  • Iot-enabled carbon footprint monitoring supports supply chain sustainability
  • Supply Chain media launches one-minute videos

41 |  The agenda of Maurean O’Shea, Merck

Merck, not to be confused with MSD in the USA, is the world’s oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company. Founded in 1668 in Darmstadt, Germany, its majority owners are still the descendants of Friedrich Jacob Merck. Today it employs around 50,000 employees in 66 countries and its core businesses cover healthcare, life science and performance materials. A few years ago the company prioritised its investments in Healthcare on helping create, improve and prolong life through innovative medicines and high-value solutions and put patient’s lives first and foremost. The launch of such new products, which have reached patients in record time after gaining approval, required an overhaul of the supply chain. Maureen O’Shea, Global Product Supply Senior Director for Biotech and New Molecules, is part of the team that met the challenge and ensures not a moment is wasted despite today’s unprecedented high speed of change.