Supply Chain Movement Q2 2013: Finance & Risk

Theme: Finance & Risk


7 | News & Background

8 | Profile Claude Laurent, Astellas Pharma

Twelve years ago Claude Laurent took up the challenge of running the European supply chain for Japanese pharmaceutical company Astellas Pharma. His philosophy is that the supply chain is a process of product transformation, an approach that has helped to increase European turnover by fivefold to around €8.5 billion. While he would like total ownership of the supply chain he realises that sometimes you have to make compromises.

14 | Mindmap Pharma Supply Chains 2.0

The worldwide market of the pharmaceutical industry is under enormous pressure, due to changing patient target groups, scientific developments and increasingly stringent regulations. This has considerable consequences for the supply chains. In order to find the right strategic solution for this, Supply Chain Movement, and Riverland Management Consultants have developed a clarifying mindmap.

16 | New models supply chain finance

Not only is supply chain finance an instrument for solving chain partners’ financial problems, but it is also a powerful tool for strengthening the entire supply chain. Especially now that banks are far from generous with their lending, supply chain finance is an interesting way of still being able to pay for the company’s activities. This is a potentially lucrative development for banks too, since it concerns short-term financial arrangements which involve relatively few risks. The question is, are companies and banks ready for it?

27 | Facts & Figures Business & Supply Chain Risks

30 | Anticipating the Supply Chain Future

New markets, rising energy prices, growing raw materials shortages and mass individualisation are all widespread trends which will change the world we live in. The question facing businesses is, how can they prepare for developments which are as yet unknown? Scenario planning is one way of gaining insight into what the future may hold. Closing supply chain loops and creating flexible and transparent chains which operate at the right speed are possible response strategies.

37 | Media

39 | Tools & Technology

41 | Supply Chain Agenda of Calum Lewis

Significant  financial problems after the turn of the Millennium forced toy manufacturer LEGO to refocus. In 2004 it introduced a five-year strategy plan, Shared Vision, and in the last few years it has enjoyed double digit sales growth. The LEGO Group, headquartered in Billund, Denmark, is now the world’s third largest toy manufacturer in terms of sales behind Mattel and Hasbro, and its mission is to inspire children and pioneer new ways of playing: Eight LEGO play sets are sold every second. As operations director of LEGO Company Ltd, for UK and Ireland, Calum Lewis has to deal with all the figures and ensure operations run smoothly.