Supply Chain Movement 18 – 3PL

Contents Supply Chain Movement 18 : 3PL– 2015 Q3

Publishing date: 18 September 2015

6 | News & Background

-Food giant Mondelēz outsources its e-commerce-operation
-Winner of the last quarter (Q3-2015): Amazon
-Loser of the last quarter (Q3-2015): Costco
-Supply Chain Media and partners launch Supply Chain Satellite
-Distribution in China takes a detour


14 | 3PL Subway Map Europe 2015

After years of declining revenues in European logistics services, the business started to stabilise in 2013/2014. Europe has seen plenty of activity in terms of mergers and acquisitions, including the take-over of the major French family-owned company Norbert Dentressangle by America’s XPO Logistics. For the third consecutive year, Supply Chain Movement has put together a 3PL Subway Map Europe showing the specific services of the most important logistics service providers which have offices in several European countries.

16 | Profile Henri-Xavier Benoist, Bridgestone

One in every six vehicles drives on tyres made by the Bridgestone Corporation. Under brand names such as Bridgestone, Firestone and Dayton it has, over the last 85 years, built up a 15% global market share just ahead of Michelin and Goodyear. Today it employs over 144,000 people worldwide and operates 171 plants. The mission for the Tokyo-based company and the world’s largest tyre manufacturer is to achieve Dan-Totsu – to be an absolute and undisputed leader – in all aspects of business. To maintain market leadership and in line with its commitment to be lean and strategic it is transforming its supply chain. Not only is this designed to improve customer service, it has already led to an eye-opening reallocation of costs. In charge of the new strategy in Europe is Henri-Xavier Benoist.

24 | Management: Seek loyal logistic service providers

The economic climate can change rapidly; storms can suddenly transform the calm water into a wild sea. Companies seek loyal logistics service providers who can conquer the waves with them, whether they are gentle ripples or a powerful swell. Those looking for a partner who can weather every storm will need to consider other selection criteria in addition to the price. And once a suitable partner has been found, it is wise to strive to continually improve the collaboration.

31 | Facts & Figures: Logistics outsourcing

33 | Checklist Global Trade Management

Managing the activities comprising a supply chain is becoming more difficult with the growth of trade and increased regulation. Supply Chain Movement and software supplier Amber Road have put together this checklist for Global Trade Management.

34 | Hepsiburada prepares for next growth phase

Turkey’s largest and leading player in e-commerce Hepsiburada – 600,000 SKUs and 26 million monthly customer visits – is executing a business plan to prepare for the next growth phase. It is based on three pillars: the transfer to a new fulfilment center to replace the company’s current five warehouses, the launch of an on-line market place for third party merchants and the introduction of its own delivery network. With the implementation of its new business plan, the supply chain will create a competitive edge and value adding function, says S. Gurhan Saatcioglu, General Manager, Operations.

39 | Self-assessment of portfolio management

Many companies launch more and more products in order to be able to serve a larger market. But how much does a particular product or customer actually contribute to their profit? Whereabouts is a product in the lifecycle? When deciding on the optimal product mix, companies need to distinguish between so-called ‘good’ and ‘bad’ complexity. After all, research shows that more than half of the total product portfolio contributes just five percent of the total profit! To help you gain insight into the state of portfolio management within your company, Supply Chain Media and PwC have developed this self-assessment model.

40 | Supply chain thinkers

Supply chains have been around since the start of civilisation, but in recent decades various international scientific studies have revealed important new insights into this relatively young discipline. Here, Supply Chain Movement provides an overview of the key supply chain thinkers that the editors have met  in person over the years.

46 | Tools & Technology

-Base Logistics publishes transport rates
– Closer checks on freight invoices

49 | Supply Chain Agenda of Alessandro de Luca

The pharmaceutical supply chain requires the right mind-set, real-time communication throughout and clear accountability. For Alessandro de Luca, delivering lifesaving products to the patients brings its own sense of responsibility and urgency. He is in charge of the end-to-end global supply chain for Merck Serono, a division of the multi-billion pharmaceutical giant, Merck. It is one of the world’s leading and oldest healthcare companies dating back some 350 years. Its founding family is still the majority owner and its prescription medicines and consumer health products are sold in 150 countries. As de Luca explains, customer satisfaction has to be 100% even when the unexpected happens.