Recording & slide deck project44 | inNOWvate Supply Chain Event 2022

Recording & slide deck Blue Ridge

You can’t fix what you can’t measure – The importance of visibility

Speaker: Bart De Muynck, EVP/Chief Industry Officer at project44

The events and conditions from the last 24 months have accelerated the digitization of supply chains. In order to better monitor disruptions, as well as to provide leaders with better insights, organizations are increasingly adopting visibility in their Supply Chains.

Companies are looking at visibility tools to get access to all the data in the ecosystem that provides them with clear KPIs to manage their businesses. They started focusing on transportation data as that is a key area of concern. Their current data is often incomplete or not accurate with overall low data quality. In many cases this results in a lack of insights into the data to drive intelligent decisions or possible process automation. Visibility solutions not only bring the networks that feed the data, but also the intelligence to create “High Fidelity” data.

In this session, Bart De Muynck discussed the role visibility is playing in Supply Chains and specifically in Transportation and how companies should look at using these capabilities to improve their Supply Chain performance.

About project44

project44 is on a mission – to make supply chains work. We optimize the movement of products globally, delivering better resiliency, sustainability, and value for our customers. As the supply chain connective tissue, we operate an end-to-end visibility platform that tracks more than 1 billion shipments annually. Our approach to global and multimodal connectivity enables supply chain and logistic professionals to track inventory throughout their entire journey.

Recording & slide deck project44

The recorded session is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement. The slide deck is available for download below.