Quicargo achieves 240% growth despite crisis

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Quicargo, a digital marketplace for transport, grew by an impressive 240% and trebled its turnover in the first quarter of 2020, which suffered severe disruption due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The COVID-19 crisis has sparked a decline in orders for carriers as shippers are taking a more cautious approach. Nevertheless, the Dutch start-up Quicargo is rapidly expanding its carrier network. It offers carriers the chance to handle extra shipments and hence generate extra income, while shippers benefit from more certainty that all their deliveries will indeed be executed.

Volatile transport market

Sam Houwen, CCO of the company, comments: “Quicargo offers carriers the opportunity to optimize their load factor every day by accepting our extra shipments that fit into their existing planning. At the same time, since Quicargo benefits from a large carrier network, the platform can guarantee shippers that each consignment will be taken care of.”

The transport market is very volatile, which has stimulated strong growth in the number of shippers connected to the Quicargo platform. In March, it set a new record for itself of over 550 active shippers.