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inNOWvate Supply Chain Event

  Learn how to turn your own ideas into reality during inNOWvate, the supply chain sector’s leading interactive innovation event! Learn from influential management experts and keynote speakers including Fons Trompenaars en Paul Iske See the latest technologies and …



Global Supply Chains in a Post-Brexit Era

Have you considered the impact of Brexit on your supply chains? It is with great pleasure that we invite you to our Global Supply Chain Debate: Global Supply Chains in a Post-Brexit Era, on Tuesday …


Putting a smooth gloss finish on S&OP education

With the glorious weather this summer, a few of our neighbours and I took the opportunity to spruce up our houses. Nothing rekindles that sense of newness better and faster than a good lick of …


Dominant strategy in supply chain and logistics

Logistics can be tricky. How to add value through logistics is unclear to many companies, which can be reason enough for manufacturers and retailers to outsource the activities to logistics service providers. But the question …


How would outsourcing the logistics activities add value?

A new model, which is currently being tested academically, gives shippers insight into the strategic added value they could gain by outsourcing their logistics – or not, as the case may be. DSV Solutions, Districon, …


Editorial Program Supply Chain Movement 2014

Supply Chain Movement based the editorial theme planning 2014 on numerous interviews with supply chain professionals.     Editorial Program Supply Chain Movement 2014*   Nr. Theme Closing Date Publication Date 1. February Supply Chain Services + Consultancy Subway Map Europe 7 …


8th annual Sustainable Supply Chain Summit

8th annual Sustainable Supply Chain Summit Date: 7-8 Oktober 2013, Venue: Regents park Marriott Hotel, London Organisation: Ethical Corporation URL:   Drive CR, transparency and cost efficiency down your value chain The 8th annual Sustainable Supply Chain Summit, 150 attendees, 25+ …

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