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Digital Supply Chain Conference

Adapting to a Digital World - Agile, Collaborative and Innovative Supply Chain Management Supply chains are undergoing a fundamental shift as they adapt to the vast opportunities offered by new technologies including the Internet of Things, …



LOGY Conference

LOGY Conference is organized annually by the Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics (LOGY). The seminar is a popular and anticipated international event that has a lot to offer to all actors involved in management …


“If people are highly focused they can fix anything.”

Office Depot is not just a company that sells pens and envelopes.  Since opening its first store in Florida in 1986 it has grown into a truly global company. It supplies - right to your …


Handling big supply chain data visual displays

Many companies are struggling to cope with rapidly growing volumes of data from both within and outside of their organisations. For most of them, the tools they use to analyse the data and make decisions …


Cultural differences need to be addressed in global S&OP

The success of international Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) depends on, among other things, how well a company adapts to the local culture when developing and implementing it. Cultural issues are important. We may be …


Analysing supply chain data from ERP systems

It can be difficult to distil useful analysis of purchasing, planning and logistics from complex ERP systems. To help decipher the data contained in SAP and Oracle based ERP systems, KPMG has developed a service …


American ModusLink moves to Venray in the Netherlands

American supply chain and logistics services provider ModusLink is opening a new operation in Venray, in the southern province of Limburg (Netherlands), to serve its European customers. The new operation will offer employment for approximately …

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